transitive verb
1. (quitar) 
arrebatar algo a alguiento snatch something from somebody
2. (cautivar) 
a. to captivate 
pronominal verb
3. (enfurecerse) 
a. to get furious 
transitive verb
1 (quitar violentamente) to snatch away; wrench;a from; [+vida] to take; [+viento etc] to carry off; carry away; [+persona] to carry away; carry off; abduct (formal)
le arrebató el revólver he snatched the pistol from him; le arrebataron la victoria they snatched victory from under his very nose; arrebatar la vida a algn to take sb's life
2 (conmover) to stir; (cautivar) to captivate; (alegrar) to exhilarate
se dejó arrebatar por su entusiasmo he got carried away by his enthusiasm
3 (Agr) to parch
pronominal verb
1 (excitarse) to get carried away; get excited
arrebatarse de cólera to be overcome with anger
2 (Culin) to burn; overcook
Verb Conjugations for arrebatar
Gerund: arrebatando
Participle: arrebatado
yome arrebatome arrebatéme arrebatabame arrebataríame arrebataré
te arrebataste arrebatastete arrebatabaste arrebataríaste arrebatarás
él/ella/ arrebatase arrebatóse arrebatabase arrebataríase arrebatará
nosotrosnos arrebatamosnos arrebatamosnos arrebatábamosnos arrebataríamosnos arrebataremos
vosotrosos arrebatáisos arrebatasteisos arrebatabaisos arrebataríaisos arrebataréis
ellos/ellas/ arrebatanse arrebataronse arrebatabanse arrebataríanse arrebatarán
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