transitive verb
1. (to take violently) 
a. to snatch 
Le arrebató las llaves y le dijo que no iba a permitir que manejara ebrio.She snatched his keys and told him that she wouldn't let him drive drunk.
2. (to stir) 
Iba caminado por el centro cuando me arrebató un guitarrista con su música.I was walking downtown when a guitarist captivated me with his music.
pronominal verb
3. (to get annoyed) 
Se arrebató y empezó a tirar cosas cuando le dijeron que no le iban a devolver el dinero. He got furious and began to throw things when they told him they wouldn't refund his money.
b. to get worked up (colloquial) 
Raúl no se puede controlar. Siempre se arrebata por lo más mínimo.Raul can't control himself. He always gets worked up by the smallest things.
Mi hermano se arrebató y el maestro lo echó del salón.My brother got carried away and his teacher kicked him out of class.
4. (culinary) 
Se arrebató la carne. Qué lástima.The meat burned on the outside. What a shame.
transitive verb
1. (quitar) 
a. no direct translation 
arrebatar algo a alguiento snatch something from somebody
2. (cautivar) 
a. to captivate 
pronominal verb
3. (enfurecerse) 
a. to get furious 
transitive verb
1 (quitar violentamente) to snatch away; wrench;a from; [+vida] to take; [+viento etc] to carry off; carry away; [+persona] to carry away; carry off; abduct (formal)
le arrebató el revólver he snatched the pistol from him; le arrebataron la victoria they snatched victory from under his very nose; arrebatar la vida a algn to take sb's life
2 (conmover) to stir; (cautivar) to captivate; (alegrar) to exhilarate
se dejó arrebatar por su entusiasmo he got carried away by his enthusiasm
3 (Agr) to parch
pronominal verb
1 (excitarse) to get carried away; get excited
arrebatarse de cólera to be overcome with anger
2 (Culin) to burn; overcook
Verb Conjugations for arrebatar
Present Participle: arrebatando
Past Participle: arrebatado
me arrebato
me arrebaté
me arrebataba
me arrebataría
me arrebataré
te arrebatas
te arrebataste
te arrebatabas
te arrebatarías
te arrebatarás
se arrebata
se arrebató
se arrebataba
se arrebataría
se arrebatará
nos arrebatamos
nos arrebatamos
nos arrebatábamos
nos arrebataríamos
nos arrebataremos
os arrebatáis
os arrebatasteis
os arrebatabais
os arrebataríais
os arrebataréis
se arrebatan
se arrebataron
se arrebataban
se arrebatarían
se arrebatarán
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