1. (rushed) 
a. hasty 
Debíamos haber esperado y no haber vendido la casa de esa forma tan arrebatada.We should have waited and not sold the house in such a hasty manner.
b. rash 
Óscar siente que haber renunciado a su trabajo fue una decisión arrebatada y ahora se arrepiente.Oscar feels that quitting his job was a rash decision, and he now regrets it.
2. (furious) 
a. enraged 
Los arrebatados seguidores del candidato perdedor gritaban que no se rendirían.The enraged supporters of the losing candidate were shouting that they would not give up.
3. (bright red) 
a. flushed 
Alejandra llegó muy agitada y con la cara arrebatada de tanto correr.Alejandra was very agitated when she arrived and her face was flushed from running so much.
4. (passionate) 
a. impetuous 
Cathy es muy arrebatada para hablar y siempre parece estar algo acelerada.Cathy is very impetuous when she speaks and always seems a little hyper.
b. impulsive 
No seas tan arrebatado y piensa con calma lo que vas a hacer.Don't be so impulsive and stop and think about what you are going to do.
1. (impetuoso) 
a. impulsive, impetuous 
2. (iracundo) 
a. enraged 
1 (apresurado) hasty; sudden; violent
2 (impetuoso) rash; impetuous
3 (absorto) rapt; bemused
4 (extático) ecstatic
5 [+cara] flushed
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