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1. brazo (m) (of person, chair); manga (f) (of garment)
  • to carry something/somebody in one's arms llevar algo/a alguien en brazos
  • he took my arm me tomó or cogió del brazo
  • to walk arm in arm caminar or ir del brazo
  • to receive somebody with open arms recibir a alguien con los brazos abiertos (warmly welcome)
  • to keep somebody at arm's length (sentido figurado) mantenerse a una distancia prudencial de alguien
  • arm wrestling los pulsos, la pulseada (Am)
  • arms armas (f pl) (weapons)
  • arms race carrera (f) armamentística
2. (in heraldry)
  • (coat of) arms escudo (m) de armas
transitive verb
3. armar (person, country)
  • to arm oneself with the facts armarse de datos
arm [ɑːm]
1 (Anat) brazo (m)
with one's arms folded con los brazos cruzados
he leaned back against the table with his arms folded across his chest he was sitting at the desk with his arms folded when they had finished she stood with folded arms admiring the new look the children should be seated properly, with folded arms on their desks
to give sb one's arm dar el brazo a algn
give me your arm and let's walk slowly away
to hold sth/sb in one's arms coger algo/a algn en brazos
he held her in his arms till she quieted she holds the infant in her arms
arm in arm
he walked arm in arm with his wife iba cogido del brazo de su mujer; they were walking along arm in arm iban cogidos del brazo
they rushed into each other's arms corrieron a echarse uno en brazos del otro
this pushed them into the arms of the French esto les obligó a buscar el apoyo de los franceses
he held it at arm's length lo sujetaba con el brazo extendido
he struck a match and held it at arm's length
she came in on her father's arm entró del brazo de su padre
with his coat over his arm con el abrigo sobre el brazo
to put one's arm(s) round sb abrazar a algn
within arm's reach al alcance de la mano
she left a glass on the bedside table, within arm's reach
to take sb's arm coger a algn del brazo
to take sb in one's arms tomar a algn en sus brazos
to throw one's arms round sb's neck echar los brazos al cuello a algn
he had a parcel under his arm llevaba un paquete debajo del brazo or bajo el brazo
to cost an arm and a leg costar un ojo de la cara (informal)
a week at a health farm can cost an arm and a leg
to keep sb at arm's length mantener las distancias con algn
she had bodyguards to keep the fans at arm's length he invented that story to keep me at arm's length
a list as long as your arm una lista kilométrica
he has a string of convictions as long as your arm
the (long or strong) arm of the law el brazo de la ley
if it becomes a crime knowingly to pass on the AIDS virus, AIDS sufferers must deal with a double threat: The long arm of the law and the possibility of a painful death the long arm of the law will catch up with him eventually if he carries on that way
to welcome sth/sb with open arms recibir algo/a algn con los brazos abiertos
we welcomed the idea with open arms he ran to me with open arms they would no doubt welcome the action with open arms many Panamanians welcomed the troops with open arms
to put the arm on sb (US) presionar a algn
you got Cotter to put the arm on Lilian and now you're putting the arm on me
I'd give my right arm to own it daría mi brazo derecho por que fuera mío
2 (part) [of chair, river, crane, pick-up] brazo (m); [of spectacles] patilla (f); [of coat] manga (f)
we rowed down a quiet arm of the river she sat on the arm of my chair at the other end of Cardigan Bay is Bardsey Island Robodoc, a mechanical arm with a drill on the end, helped surgeons carry out a complicated hip replacement the arm seems to be bent there's a tear in the arm
arm of the sea brazo (m) de mar
I looked out of the window at the end of the room, across to the arm of the sea which looked like some sort of backwater in the arm of the sea our ships and floating batteries pounded the enemy
[of organization, company, also Mil] (division) división (f); (section) sección (f); (Pol) brazo (m)
Millicom Holdings is the British arm of an American company the research arm of Congress the research arm of Moorfields Eye Hospital he had entered the Italian Army in 1890 as an artillery officer and moved into the air arm twenty years later
the military arm of the Western alliance el brazo armado de la alianza occidental
were currently vying for control over the naval air arm Gerry Adams, the leader of the IRA's political arm Sinn Fein
the political arm of a terrorist group el brazo político de un grupo terrorista
Herri Batasuna (HB) is considered to be the political arm of ETA-Militar
arm [ɑːm]
transitive verb
[+person, ship, nation] armar; proveer de armas; [+missile] equipar
the Americans accused them of arming the rebels arming the police doesn't deter crime the U.S. has backed away from its plans to arm the Bosnian Muslims a report describing how to arm missiles with fuel air explosives there was the metal scrape of the escorts arming their rifles
to arm sb with sth armar a algn de or con algo; proveer a algn de algo; to arm o.s. with sth armarse de or con algo; armarse de algo; she had armed herself with a rifle se había armado de or con un rifle; I armed myself with all the information I would need me armé de toda la información que necesitaría
to arm o.s. with arguments to arm o.s. with patience she thought that, if she armed herself with all the knowledge she could gather, she could handle anything
intransitive verb
armarse;against contra
Reagan spoke more harshly about the Soviet Union and spent more to arm against it than any other president this won Britain time to re-arm against another attack security, they argue, can be assured only with a potential enemy, not by arming against him others choose to defend their neutrality by arming heavily the enemy was arming
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