1. (quarrel) 
The sisters had an argument over what to name their dog. Las hermanas tuvieron una discusión sobre qué nombre ponerle a su perro.
b. la pelea (F) 
Sebastian had an argument with his best friend over a girl they both like. Sebastián tuvo una pelea con su mejor amigo por una chica que a ambos les gusta.
c. la riña (F) 
A player had an argument with the referee. Un jugador tuvo una riña con el árbitro.
2. (reason) 
Her argument for being deserving of house arrest instead of prison is because she has glaucoma. Su argumento por merecer la prisión domiciliaria en lugar de la cárcel es porque tiene glaucoma.
3. (debate) 
The argument about how to deal with violence in schools continues. La polémica sobre cómo lidiar con la violencia en las escuelas sigue.
4. (line of reasoning) 
That argument is not particularly sound. Ese razonamiento no es muy sensato.
1. (quarrel) 
a. la discusión f, pelea (F) 
to have an argument (about something)discutir (por algo)
to get into an argumentmeterse en una discusión
and I don't want any arguments!¡y punto!
2. (reason) 
a. el argumento (M) 
an argument for/against doing somethingun argumento a favor de/en contra de hacer algo
suppose for argument's sake that…pongamos por caso que…
argument [ˈɑːɡjʊmənt]
1 (disagreement) discusión (f); (fight) pelea (f)
there was a heated argument
I don't want any argument (about it) no quiero discutir; no hay discusión que valga
it should of course be given back - there's no argument about that to have the [better] of an argument it is [beyond] argument
to get into an argument (with sb) empezar a discutir (con algn)
I didn't want to get into an argument with her he got into an argument with a United supporter and ended up with a black eye "What happened to you?" - I got into an argument with a fellow at work and it turned nasty. I refuse to get into an argument with you over something so trivial Annie described how she got into an argument with a taxi driver
to have an argument (with sb) discutir (con algn); (more heatedly) pelearse (con algn)
they had quite an argument
we had an argument about money tuvimos una discusión or discutimos por razones de dinero; let's not have an argument about it no discutamos
there was an argument over the missing plate hubo una discusión sobre el plato que faltaba
you've only heard one side of the argument tú solo conoces una cara del asunto
he had an argument with a wall se dio contra la pared
to do sth [without] argument he complied without argument the mainstream press assumes without argument that Reagan is genuinely concerned to advance human rights he is, without argument from any South African, the most influential fly-half in their history
2 (debate) polémica (f)
there is some argument as to whether or not it's possible hay bastante polémica sobre si es posible o no
the incident has triggered fresh arguments about the role of the extreme right in France the issue has caused heated political argument
she is open to argument está dispuesta a discutirlo
while I am open to argument, I doubt that it can be done
the conclusion is open to argument la conclusión se presta a discusión or es discutible
it is open to argument that ...
to win/lose an argument ganar/perder (en) un enfrentamiento
Johnson, as usual, won the argument the driver loses the argument, of course, and his car is quickly towed away his pro-Maastricht colleagues undoubtedly won the argument over Europe this week
3 (case) argumento (m); razones (f)
her arguments were very persuasive the main argument against accepting is that ... it is better to convince by argument than seduce by example the argument against capital punishment the doctors have set out their arguments against the proposals he uses this as his main argument some whites advanced the argument that black slavery formed the necessary underpinning of American freedom
there is a strong argument for or in favour of doing nothing existen argumentos or razones de peso para or en favor de no hacer nada
an argument could be made for government intervention se podrían alegar razones para la intervención del gobierno
I made the same argument I had in Canada a very good argument was also made by Simmons
4 (reasoning) razonamiento (m)
if you take this argument one step further si llevas el razonamiento un poco más allá; his argument is that ... él sostiene que ...
she built her argument on Marcuse's notion of a desublimated society I felt this argument had very little weight to it I don't [follow] your argument
5 (synopsis) argumento (m); resumen (m)
the argument of her biography
6 (Jur)
opening argument exposición (f) inicial; closing argument conclusiones (f) finales
defense lawyers delievered their closing arguments cases can be won or lost during opening arguments both sides delivered their closing arguments to the jury closing arguments continue today in the final trial of a black religious leader prosecution and defense attorneys delivered opening arguments today in the trial of Clair George opening arguments were heard today in federal court in Washington
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