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1. estadio (m) (stadium)
2. ruedo (m) (area of activity) (economic, international)
  • to enter the arena salir al ruedo, saltar a la palestra
arena [əˈriːnə]
1 (stadium) estadio (m)
2 (circus) pista (f)
3 (Taur) (building) plaza (f); (pit) ruedo (m)
4 (stage) palestra (f)
the political arena el ruedo político
feminine noun
1. sand (de playa)
  • arenas movedizas quicksand
2. arena (escenario de la lucha)
  • la arena política the political arena
3. bullring (bullfighting)
1 (Geología) sand
sembrar en arena to labour o labor in vain; (EEUU)
arenas de oro gold dust
; (s)
arenas movedizas quicksands
2 (Med) arenas stones
3 (Dep) arena
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