1. (geographical region) 
a. el área (F) 
The metropolitan area comprises several jurisdictions.El área metropolitana comprende varias jurisdicciones.
b. la zona (F) 
There are several green areas in the city.Hay varias zonas verdes en la ciudad.
There are mountains in the southern area.Hay montañas en la región meridional.
2. (part of a larger space) 
a. la zona (F) 
The train has an area where cell phones are not permitted.El tren tiene una zona donde no se permiten los teléfonos celulares.
3. (extension) 
The kitchen's area is ten square meters.La cocina tiene una superficie de diez metros cuadrados.
4. (mathematics) 
a. el área (F) 
What is the area of the circle?¿Cuál es el área del círculo?
5. (field of study) 
a. el campo (M) 
I'm not specialized in that area.No estoy especializado en ese campo.
b. el área (F) 
Research in the health area needs financial support.La investigación en el área de la salud necesita apoyo económico.
6. (football) 
a. el área (F) 
Was he in the penalty area?¿Estaba dentro del área de castigo?
1. (surface) 
a. la área (F) 
2. (region) 
a. la área f, zona (F) 
3. (of town, city) 
a. el zona f, barrio (M) 
4. (of knowledge) 
a. el área f, ámbito (M) 
the London areala región londinense
an area of agreementun área de acuerdo
5. (telephone) (United States) 
a. no direct translation 
area codeprefijo m
6. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
area managerjefe(a) de zona
area [ˈɛərɪə]
1 (surface measure) superficie (f); extensión (f); área (f)
the lake is 130 square miles in area el lago tiene 130 millas cuadradas de superficie or de extensión; el lago se extiende sobre una superficie or área de 130 millas cuadradas
this field has an area of 800 square metres the island covers a total area of 625.6 square kilometres
2 (region) [of country] zona (f); región (f); [of city] zona (f); (Admin) (Pol) zona (f); área (f)
in mountainous areas of Europe and Asia en las zonas or regiones montañosas de Europa y Asia; an area of outstanding natural beauty una zona de una belleza natural excepcional
I moved to this area about 5 years ago
an area of high unemployment una zona con un alto índice de desempleo
the large number of community groups in the area local authorities are responsible for the running of schools in their areas if there is an election in your area, you should go and vote
the London area la zona or el área de Londres
rural/urban areas zonas (f) rurales/urbanas
more than 70 per cent of the population live in urban areas blighted urban areas 60 years ago half the French population lived in rural areas
3 (extent, patch) zona (f)
the blast caused damage over a wide area la explosión causó daños en una extensa zona; there is an area of wasteland behind the houses hay un terreno baldío detrás de las casas; when applying the cream avoid the area around the eyes evite aplicarse la crema en la zona que rodea los ojos
these animals range over a wide area it is one of the few areas of rainforest left in the country the building's gracious central lobby, an area with a soft Mexican-tiled floor and white walls
4 (space) zona (f)
the main check-in area in terminal 1
communal area zona (f) comunitaria
there are no formal arrangements for maintaining the communal areas of the block
dining area comedor (m)
there is no link between the kitchen and dining area mckinnon found four people in the staff dining area
picnic area merendero (m)
service stations must provide free short-term parking, toilets, a picnic area, 24-hour fuel sales and facilities for the disabled
play area zona (f) recreativa
the pub has a play area at the back for children
reception area recepción (f)
I found her waiting for me in the reception area the guard stopped everyone coming into the reception area
slum area barrio (m) bajo
in 1812, Paddington was a slum area inhabited by poverty-stricken Irish labourers the slum areas of Rio de Janeiro
smoking areas are provided se han habilitado zonas para fumadores
waiting area zona (f) de espera
they were ushered into a small [waiting] area
5 (Dep) (also penalty area) área (f) de penalti; área (f) de castigo
he fouled Paul Williams near the edge of the area
6 (Britain) (basement courtyard) patio (m)
looking up through the area, she could see the feet of passers-by
7 (sphere) [of knowledge] campo (m); terreno (m); [of responsibility] esfera (f)
I am not a specialist in this area no soy especialista en este campo or terreno; area of study campo (m) de estudio; that is not my area of competence eso no es competencia mía; it affects all areas of our lives afecta a todos los sectores de nuestra vida
it's a potential area of concern puede llegar a ser motivo de preocupación
there are still some areas of disagreement aún existen discrepancias sobre algunos puntos
one of the problem areas is lax security una cuestión problemática es la falta de seguridad
opinion in this area is divided 100 managers each with their own special areas of responsibility the 101st Airborne division's area of responsibility in eastern Saudi Arabia Mrs Thatcher never tells her ministers anything she has decided about their areas of responsibility the politically sensitive area of old age pensions the internationalization of the economy and all other areas of society they've been hired to assess specific areas of government the next step is to discuss problem areas with your children and see if, together, you can work out solutions we were able to identify the main problem areas
area code (n) (US) (Telec) prefijo (m) (local); código (m) territorial
callers dialing the wrong area code will not get through the number there is area code 212
area manager (n) jefeajefa (m) (f) de zona;a jefa
"perhaps I should have a word with the area manager," said the manager, suddenly nervous
area office (n) oficina (f) regional
area teams are established, each with an area office serving a given geographical area two out of six social services area offices have been closed Health & Safety Executive inspectors work through a network of twenty area offices throughout Great Britain
area representative (n) representante (m) de zona
the sales managers and area representatives are unhappy with the targets for the year


usage note
Feminine nouns that begin with a stressed "a-" or "ha-" sound in Spanish use the definite article "el" in the singular.
feminine noun
1. (zone) 
a. area 
Nuestras oficinas están dentro del área metropolitana de Washington DC.Our offices are located within the metropolitan area of Washington DC.
Estas áreas protegidas aportan beneficios importantes para el bienestar humano.These protected areas offer significant benefits for human well-being.
2. (mathematics or geometry) 
a. area 
Si el radio de un círculo es tres pulgadas, ¿cuál es el área?If the radius of a circle is three inches, what is the area?
3. (sector) 
a. area 
Nuestra empresa quiere contratar más profesionales en el área de la tecnología de la información.Our company wants to hire more professionals in the area of information technology.
b. field 
En este país se ha progresado poco en el área de la educación especial.Little progress has been made in the field of special education in this country.
4. (sports) 
Ese futbolista se luce hasta llegar al área, pero no convierte goles.This soccer player is brilliant till he reaches the penalty area, but he can't score goals.
5. (measurement) 
a. are (100 square meters) 
En algunos países todavía se utiliza el área para medir un terreno.In some countries the are is still used for measuring the size of plots of land.
1. (zona) 
a. area 
2. (en carretera) 
a. no direct translation 
área metropolitanametropolitan area
3. (economics) 
a. no direct translation 
área de libre cambiofree exchange area
área de servicioservice area
4. (ámbito) 
a. area 
la investigación en áreas como la inteligencia artificialresearch in areas such as artificial intelligence
5. (medida) 
a. are 
b. 100 m2 
6. (geometry) 
a. area 
7. (sports) 
a. no direct translation 
área (de penalty o castigo)(penalty) area
1 (zona, superficie) area
área de castigo (Dep) penalty area
área de descanso (Automóviles) rest area
área de gol área de meta goal area
área de penalty (Dep) penalty area
área de servicio (Automóviles) service area
2 (Informática)
área de excedentes overflow area
3 (campo)
en el área de los impuestos in the field of taxation
4 (medida) area 100 square metres; (100 square metres)
área metropolitana metropolitan area; urban district
área verde (Caribe) green area; park area
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