masculine noun
1. arch (gen) & (architecture) (forma)
  • arco apuntado -> Gothic arch
  • arco de herradura -> horseshoe arch
  • arco iris -> rainbow
  • arco de medio punto -> semicircular arch
  • arco triunfal -> triumphal arch
2. bow (para flechas)
3. bow (Mús) (de instrumento)
4. arc (geometry)
5. goal, goalmouth (sport) (portería) (especially Am)

arco [ar’-co]
1. Arc, a segment of a circle. (m)
2. Arch, arc, a part of a circle not more than the half. (m)
3. Arch of a building, bridge, and other works. (m)
4. Bow for throwing arrows. (m)
5. Fiddle-bow. (m)
6. Hoop, anything circular with which something else is bound, particularly casks and barrels. (m)
7. Bow of a ship. (Nautical) (m)
  • Arco Iris -> rainbow

1 (Anatomía) (Archit) (Matemáticas) arch
arco de herradura horseshoe arch; Moorish arch
arco detector de metales metal detector
arco ojival pointed arch
arco redondo round arch
arco triunfal triumphal arch
2 (arma) bow
arcos y flechas bows and arrows
3 (Música) bow
arco de violín violin bow
4 (Política) también
arco constitucional arco parlamentario range of democratic parties represented in parliament
arco político political spectrum
5 (Matemáticas) (Electricidad y Eléctronica) arc
arco iris rainbow
arco voltaico arc lamp
6 (Latinoamérica) (Dep) goal

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