feminine noun
1. washer (pieza)

arandela [ah-ran-day’-lah]
1. The pan of the socket of a candlestick. (f)
2. A guard around the staff of a lance. (f)
3. Nave-box of a gun-carriage. (f)
4. Halfports, square boards with a hole in the middle, to which a piece of canvas is nailed, to keep the water out when the cannon is in the port-hole. (Nautical)
5. A tin trough or funnel put around trees, with water, to prevent ants from climbing up.
6. A candelabrum, of glass, to be set upon a table.
(Mech.) Washer, axleguard; rivet-plate, collar-plate.

1 (Técnica) washer
2 [de vela] drip collar
3 (And) (chorrera) frill; flounce
4 arandelas (Col) (pastelitos) teacakes; buns

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