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aquel, aquella
(pl aquellos, -ellas)
adjective demostrativo
1. that ; those (plural)

aquella aquella
aquellos/as those
(España) (gracia) charm; (atractivo) sex appeal
tiene mucho aquel she's got it (familiar); she certainly has sex appeal
aquella aquella
aquélla aquélla
that; that one
aquellos/as those; those ones; estos son negros mientras aquellos son blancos these ones are black, whereas those ones are white; aquel que está en el escaparate the one that's in the window; todo aquel que ... anyone who ...; como aquel que dice so to speak
In the past the standard spelling for these demonstrative pronouns was with an accent ([aquél, aquélla, aquéllos] and [aquéllas]). Nowadays the [Real Academia Española] advises that the accented forms are only required where there might otherwise be confusion with the adjective.

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