transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. aprobar 
approve [əˈpruːv]
transitive verb
[+plan, decision, legislation, expenditure, minutes] aprobar; [+drug, medicine, method] autorizar
agree to, authorize
the council has approved the construction of a hotel el ayuntamiento ha dado su aprobación para or ha aprobado la construcción de un hotel
Congress has approved 15 million dollars in emergency aid the department's budget for next year hasn't been approved yet we never approve capital expenditure of more than 25m in any year the Home Office has approved expenditure of £700,000 on the project the minutes of the last meeting were approved the new resolution approves the use of force against Iraq Congress would have to approve any decision to change the military's policy on gays the Russian parliament has approved a programme of radical economic reforms two thirds of British voters are now opposed to approving the Maastricht Treaty if the city approves the plan, work on the park could begin by the end of the year MPs approved the bill by a majority of 97 the minutes of the meeting were approved and signed the product contains an approved anti-acne drug the drug has been approved for use in this country this is the method of treatment approved by most doctors The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug called Taxol the drug had been approved for trials on Aids sufferers the FDA considers a new drug application for two years /before approving it/ legislation requiring drug companies to contribute toward the cost of approving their products our suppliers are all approved by the Farmers' Association every new business that opens in this town has to be approved by the city council these mortgages are available through FHA-approved lenders there is a 12.5 per cent reduction for homeowners with approved alarm systems the chairman ruled out the imposition of centrally approved candidates
intransitive verb
1 (be in favour)
I think she'll approve creo que estará de acuerdo; creo que le parecerá bien; he's not allowed sweets, his mother doesn't approve no le dejan comer caramelos, a su madre no le gusta
yes, I heartily approve he knows what I feel for you, but I'm not sure he approves
2 (give authorization) dar su aprobación
if Congress approves, the project will go ahead next year si el Congreso da su aprobación or lo aprueba, el proyecto se llevará a cabo el año que viene
you can go, as long as your mother approves Japan might take part in UN peacekeeping operations if the Japanese Parliament approves
Verb Conjugations for aprobar
Gerund: aprobando
Participle: aprobado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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