transitive verb
1. (to estimate) 
a. valorar 
The woman was stunned when the antique dealer appraised her painting at $10,000.La mujer quedó pasmada cuando la anticuaria valoró su cuadro en $10,000.
b. tasar 
Someone needs to come to appraise the house before we can put it on the market.Alguien tiene que venir a tasar la casa antes de que la pongamos en el mercado.
2. (to assess) 
a. evaluar 
Upon appraising the situation with the weather, we decided that we were better off staying home.Al evaluar la situación del clima, decidimos que estaríamos mejor quedándonos en casa.
transitive verb
1. (performance, situation) 
a. evaluar, valorar 
to appraise the value of somethingtasar algo
appraise [əˈpreɪz]
transitive verb
1 (value) [+property, jewellery] tasar; valorar
2 (assess) [+worth, importance] estimar; apreciar; [+situation] evaluar; [+staff] evaluar
3 (US) (price) tasar
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