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transitive verb
1. aplicar (put on)
  • to apply pressure to ejercer presión sobre, presionar
2. aplicar (use) (system, theory)
  • to apply one's mind to something concentrarse en algo
  • to apply oneself to one's work aplicarse en el trabajo
intransitive verb
3. (for job, grant)
  • to apply (to somebody) for something solicitar algo (a alguien)
4. (law, rule)
  • rule 26b applies in all other cases la norma 26b se aplicará en todos los demás casos
  • this clause no longer applies esta cláusula ya no está en vigor
  • that applies to you too! ¡esto es válido or vale para ti también!
apply [əˈplaɪ]
transitive verb
1 [+ointment, paint etc] aplicar;to a
to apply heat to a surface (Téc) exponer una superficie al calor; (Med) calentar una superficie; to apply a match to sth prender fuego a algo con una cerilla
2 (impose) [+rule, law] aplicar; emplear
3 (use)
to apply the brakes frenar; to apply pressure on sth ejercer presión sobre algo; to apply pressure on sb presionar a algn
to apply pressure
4 (dedicate)
to apply one's mind to a problem dedicarse a resolver un problema; to apply o.s. to a task dedicarse or aplicarse a una tarea
how can we best apply this money?
intransitive verb
1 (be relevant) ser aplicable; ser pertinente
In this particular case the rule does not apply
cross out what does not apply táchese lo que no proceda; to apply to (be applicable to) ser aplicable a; referirse a; the law applies to everybody la ley es aplicable a or de obligado cumplimiento para todos; this rule doesn't apply to us esta norma no nos afecta
2 (for job, audition) presentarse
are you applying? ¿te vas a presentar?
please apply at the office diríjanse a la oficina
to apply to sb dirigirse a algn; acudir a algn; to apply for [+scholarship, grant, assistance] solicitar; pedir; [+job] solicitar; presentarse a
patent applied for patente en trámite
to apply to sb for sth solicitar algo a algn
Verb Conjugations for aplicar
Gerund: aplicando
Participle: aplicado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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