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1. (fruit)
a. la manzana (F)
I like red apples, but my sister likes green apples.A mí me gustan las manzanas rojas, pero a mi hermana le gustan las verdes.
2. (botany)
a. el manzano (M)
My mom has an apple in her garden.Mi mamá tiene un manzano en su jardín.
1. manzana (f)
  • she was the apple of his eye era la niña de sus ojos (his favorite)
  • apple core corazón (m) de manzana
  • apple juice zumo (m) or (español de España) jugo (m) de manzana (Am)
  • apple pie pastel (m) de manzana
  • as American as apple pie típicamente americano(a)
  • apple tart tarta (f) de manzana
  • apple tree manzano (m)
apple [ˈæpl]
(fruit) manzana (f); (tree) manzano (m)
apple of discord manzana (f) de la discordia
apples and pears (Britain) (stairs) escalera (f)
the Big Apple (US) la Gran Manzana; Nueva York (f)
note See culture box in entry city.
the apple of one's eye la niña de los ojos de algn
one bad or rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel manzana podrida echa ciento a perder
Caitlin Moran wrote it, and she has to be the most arrogant bitch around. She writes a book at a young age and suddenly she becomes the voice for today's youth. She's a bad apple that spoils an otherwise cool and beautiful bunch Let's be positive, not negative. One bad apple doesn't spoil the barrel
apple blossom (n) flor (f) del manzano
apple brandy (n) licor (m) de manzana
apple core (n) corazón (m) de manzana
apple dumpling (n) postre a base de manzana asada y masa
apple fritter (n) manzana (f) rebozada
apple orchard (n) manzanar (m); manzanal (m)
apple pie (n) pastel (m) de manzana; pay (m) de manzana; (LAm)
apple sauce (n) (Cookery) compota (f) de manzana; (US) (hokum) tonterías (f)
apple tart (n) tarta (f) de manzana
apple tree (n) manzano (m)
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