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intransitive verb
1. aparecer (come into view); salir, aparecer (publication, film)
  • where did you appear from? ¿de dónde has salido?
  • to appear from nowhere aparecer de repente
  • to appear on TV salir en televisión
2. (Law)
  • to appear before a court comparecer ante un tribunal
  • to appear for somebody representar a alguien (counsel)
3. parecer (look, seem)
  • to appear to be lost parecer perdido(a)
  • there appears to be a mistake parece que hay un error
  • so it would appear eso parece
appear [əˈpɪəʳ]
intransitive verb
1 (arrive, become visible) [+person, graffiti] aparecer; [+ghost] aparecerse; [+spot, stain, crack] aparecer; salir; [+symptom] aparecer; presentarse
Trudy appeared at last por fin apareció Trudy
Trudy appeared at last looking tearful
he appeared briefly to address his supporters hizo una breve aparición para dirigirse a sus seguidores; he appeared without a tie se presentó sin corbata
when they appear with the Queen or their own mother they do become the focus of attention a woman appeared on my doorstep claiming to be my sister slogans have appeared on walls around the city posters appeared everywhere small white flowers which appear in early summer symptoms may appear alone or in combination a poem which appeared in his last collection of verse a grey stain has appeared on the wallpaper symptoms usually appear 12 hours after eating contaminated food
he appeared from nowhere salió or apareció de la nada
where did you appear from? ¿de dónde has salido?; the sun appeared from behind a cloud el sol salió de detrás de una nube
the ghost appears at midnight a woman appeared at the end of the street last night some of the prisoners appeared on the roof he appeared from behind a tree
to appear in public aparecer en público
he hasn't appeared in public since the operation
to appear to sb (as vision) aparecerse a algn
he appeared to me in a dream se me apareció en sueños
2 (Teat) (TV) salir
she appeared in "Fuenteovejuna" salió or hizo un papel en "Fuenteovejuna"
she appeared as Ophelia hizo (el papel) de Ofelia
to appear on stage aparecer en escena
Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward are to appear on stage together for the first time since 1964
to appear on television salir en or por televisión
student leaders appeared on television to ask for calm he never missed an opportunity to appear on television he refused to appear on television after the match
3 (Jur) [+defendant] comparecer
two other executives appeared at Worthing Magistrates' Court charged with tax fraud
to appear before sb comparecer ante algn
another man will appear before Bow Street magistrates in London today he will appear before a special magistrates court today the American will appear before members of the disciplinary committee at Portman Square
to appear in court comparecer ante el tribunal or los tribunales
a teenager will appear in court today charged with the murder of Alice Silk
to appear on a charge of murder comparecer acusado de homicidio
four people have appeared in court charged in connection with the murders a 14 year-old boy appeared in court today for the 28th time
to appear for or on behalf of sb representar a algn
to appear for the defence/the prosecution representar a la defensa/la acusación
4 (be published) salir; publicarse
the book appeared in 1960 el libro salió or se publicó en 1960; the term first appeared in print in 1530 el primer testimonio escrito del término se remonta a 1530; it was her life's ambition to appear in print la ilusión de su vida era ver su nombre impreso
he appeared in print as a literary critic I was able to see a copy of the book before it appeared in print
5 (seem) parecer
he appears tired parece cansado
he appeared willing to cooperate it would make me appear mean in daylight it appears red
how does it appear to you? ¿qué impresión le da?
the executive presidency is beginning to appear a political irrelevance nine months later, those talks appear as distant as ever it appears that it appears that he did say that
it appears to me that they are mistaken me da la impresión de que or me parece que están equivocados
it appears that some missiles have been moved it appears unlikely that the UN would consider making such a move she appears to have gone
they appear not to like each other parece que no se gustan; no parece que se gusten; there appears to be a mistake parece que hay un error; she appeared not to notice no pareció darse cuenta; we must appear to be fair debemos dar la impresión de ser justos
there appears to be increasing support for the leadership to take a more aggressive stance the aircraft appears to have crashed near Katmandu she did her best to appear more self-assured than she felt he is anxious to appear a gentleman
it appears notit would appear not parece que no
"they didn't manage to get tickets then?" - "it would appear not" [so] it appears, so it would appear
"he came then?" — "so it would appear" —¿entonces él ha venido? —eso parece
she got the job, or so it would appear le dieron el trabajo, según parece
6 (become apparent)
as will appear in due course según se verá a su debido tiempo
Verb Conjugations for aparecer
Gerund: apareciendo
Participle: aparecido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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