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transitive verb
1. (to give, to add)
a. to contribute
La compañía aportó mil euros a la fundación.The company contributed one thousand euros to the foundation.
aportar ideasto contribute ideas
2. (to produce)
a. to provide
El abogado aportó la evidencia necesaria.The attorney provided the necessary evidence.
intransitive verb
3. (nautical)
a. to reach port (Latin America)
El barco aportó a tiempo.The ship reached port on time.
reflexive verb
4. (to appear)
a. to show up (Chile)
El profesor se aportó a las once.The professor showed up at eleven o'clock.
transitive verb
1. to provide (proporcionar)
2. to contribute (contribuir con)
transitive verb
1 [+bienes, dinero] to contribute
aportar bienes al matrimonio aportaron 10000 pesetas para la causa
aportó sus conocimientos de física nuclear he contributed his knowledge of nuclear physics; aportar ideas to contribute ideas; su estudio no aporta nada nuevo his study contributes nothing new; aporta el 25% del calcio necesario it provides 25% of the calcium requirement; el viaje me aportó nuevas sensaciones the journey brought me new experiences
2 [+pruebas] to provide
intransitive verb
(Náutica) to reach port
pronominal verb
aportarse (Chile) (aparecer) to show up
Verb Conjugations for aportar
Gerund: aportando
Participle: aportado
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