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1. simio (m) (animal)ponerse hecho(a) una furia (por) (Estados Unidos); ponerse como loco(a) (por or con) , despendolarse (por or con) (español de España)
  • to go ape (over) (familiar) (lose one's temper)(enthuse)
transitive verb
2. imitar, remedar (imitate)
ape [eɪp]
1 (Zool) mono (m); simio (m); antropoide (m)
to go ape (US) (lose one's temper) ponerse como un energúmeno (informal); ponerse hecho una fiera (informal)
When she picked up a record, he went apeshit because he was worried she might bend the sleeve
(go crazy) ponerse como una moto (very_informal)
2 (person)
you (great) ape! ¡bestia! (informal)
transitive verb
imitar; remedar
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