pronominal verb
1. (to have a strong desire for) 
A la novia de Julián se le antojó comer cangrejo y nadie pudo convencerla de comer otra cosa.Julian's girlfriend felt like eating crab, and nobody could persuade her to have something different.
A Iván se le antojó de repente tomar cerveza y no paró hasta no conseguirla.Ivan had a sudden craving for beer, and he didn't stop until getting some.
c. to want 
Esos niños siempre hacen lo que se les antoja.Those children always do as they want.
2. (to appear to be) 
a. to seem 
Los días que pasaron hasta el fin de semana se les antojaron eternos.The days that passed until the weekend seemed endless to them.
pronominal verb
1. (capricho) 
a. no direct translation 
se le antojaron esos zapatosshe fancied those shoes
se le ha antojado ir al cinehe felt like going to the cinema
cuando se me antojewhen I feel like it
2. (posibilidad) 
a. no direct translation 
se me antoja que…I have a feeling that…
3. (apetecer) (Mexico) 
a. to feel like, to want 
pronominal verb
1 (apetecer)
antojársele a algn algo to take a fancy to sth; want sth; se me antoja una cervecita I could go for a nice beer; antojársele a algn hacer algo to have a mind to do sth; se le antojó ir al cine he took it into his head to go to the cinema; no se le antojó decir otra cosa it didn't occur to him to say anything else; no se me antoja ir I don't feel like going
2 (parecer)
antojarse que to imagine that; se me antoja que no estará I have the feeling that he won't be in; ¿cómo se le antoja esto? how does this seem to you?
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