1. previsión (f) (foresight)
  • in anticipation of trouble -> en previsión de posibles problemas
  • thanking you in anticipation -> le doy las gracias de antemano (in letter)
  • to show great anticipation -> tener mucha visión de juego (tennis player, soccer player)
2. ilusión (f) expectación (f) (eagerness)

anticipation [an-ti-si-péi-shon]
1. Anticipación, la acción y efecto de anticipar o anticiparse.
  • In anticipation of the future -> pensando en el futuro

anticipation [ænˌtɪsɪˈpeɪʃən]
1 (expectation) expectativa (f)
in anticipation (ahead of time) de antemano; in anticipation of a fine week esperando una semana de buen tiempo; I bought it in anticipation of her visit lo compré en previsión de su visita; thanking you in anticipation en espera de sus noticias
2 (excitement) ilusión (f)
we waited in great anticipation esperábamos con gran ilusión
3 (foresight) previsión (f); anticipación (f)
Everyone can learn how to predict at least some of the questions on an exam. Perhaps more to the point, every student who takes an exam should make the anticipation of test questions an essential part of their revision The exercise will improve your sense of timing, so increasing your anticipation of danger and ability to move out of the way before it happens
to act with anticipation obrar con previsión
4 (foretaste) anticipo (m); adelanto (m)
...a philosophy in which some historians see an anticipation of Maoism The theory can even be read as an anticipation of modernization theory

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