plural noun
1. (corrective eyewear) 
a. glasses 
Necesita anteojos porque es miope.She needs glasses because she's near-sighted.
Sherlock Holmes se puso los anteojos para examinar las heridas del cadáver.Sherlock Holmes put on his spectacles to examine the wounds of the cadaver.
2. (instrument for seeing far) 
Pudo distinguir con los anteojos un barco en el horizonte.She was able to make out a ship on the horizon with the binoculars.
masculine noun
3. (Instrument used for seeing far) 
a. telescope 
El capitán sacó su anteojo para observar acercar la flota.The captain took out his telescope to watch the approaching fleet.
plural masculine noun
1. (prismáticos)
2. (quevedos)
3. (gafas)
    spectacles, glasses (Am)
1 (lente) spyglass; telescope; small telescope
anteojo de larga vista telescope
2 anteojos especialmente (Latinoamérica) (gafas) glasses; spectacles; eyeglasses; (EEUU) (Automóviles) (Técnica) etc goggles; (prismáticos) binoculars; (para la ópera) opera glasses; [de caballo] blinkers; blinders; (EEUU)
anteojos ahumados smoked glasses
anteojos de concha horn-rimmed spectacles
anteojos de sol anteojos para el sol sunglasses
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anteojos de sol
llevar anteojos
to wear glasses
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