feminine noun
1. aerial, antenna (radio & television)
  • estar/salir en antena -> to be/go on the air
  • antena colectiva -> = aerial shared by all the inhabitants of a block of flats, CATV (United States)
  • antena parabólica -> satellite dish
2. antenna (de animal)

antena [an-tay’-nah]
1. (Radio) Aerial. (f)
2. Antenna or feeler of insects. (f)
  • Tener antena para -> to have a feeling for
3. Lateen yard. (Nautical)

1 (Zoología) feeler; antenna
tener antena para (intuición) to have a feeling for; have a nose for
2 (Náutica) lateen yard
3 (Rad) (TV) (Telec) aerial; antenna
estar en antena to be on the air; permanecer en antena to stay on the air; salir en antena to go out on the air; be broadcast; el programa es el sexto en duración en antena the programme is the sixth longest-running on TV
antena colectiva communal aerial
antena de televisión television aerial
antena direccional antena dirigida directional aerial
antena emisora transmitting aerial
antena encerrada built-in aerial
antena interior indoor aerial
antena parabólica satellite dish; dish antenna; (EEUU)
antena receptora receiving aerial
4 antenas (oídos) ears

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