1. (reply) 
I really need an anwer to my question.De verdad necesito una respuesta a mi pregunta.
2. (solution) 
You got the right answer but lost points for not showing your work. Obtuviste la solución correcta pero perdiste puntos por no mostrar tu trabajo.
The answer was in front of us the whole time.La respuesta estaba delante de nosotros el tiempo entero.
transitive verb
3. (to respond) 
I love it when people answer my emails immediately.Me encanta que respondan a mis correos inmediatamente.
b. contestar 
Take your time to answer all the questions.Tómense su tiempo para contestar todas las preguntas.
intransitive verb
4. (to respond) 
a. contestar 
I called her twice, but she did not answer.La llamé dos veces, pero no contestó.
b. responder 
She thought deeply before answering. Ella pensó profundamente antes de responder.
1. (to question, letter) 
a. la respuesta f, contestación (F) 
2. (to problem) 
a. la solución (F) 
I knocked but there was no answerllamé a la puerta, pero no hubo respuesta
there's no answerno contestan
he has an answer to everythingtiene respuesta para todo
3. (formal) 
a. no direct translation 
in answer to your letteren respuesta a su carta
transitive verb
4. (person, question, letter) 
a. responder, contestar 
to answer the telephonecontestar or
to answer the doorabrir la puerta
to answer a description/needresponder a una descripción/una necesidad
intransitive verb
5. (person) 
a. responder, contestar 
answer [ˈɑːnsəʳ]
1 (reply) respuesta (f); contestación (f)
he has an answer for everything tiene respuesta or contestación para todo
she's always got an answer I wrote to him but I never had an answer back do you want an honest answer? he telephoned here, by the way, but got no answer I keep asking but I don't get any answers they got their answer soon enough if you ask him a question you get a straight answer
I never got an answer to my question nunca me respondieron or contestaron (a) la pregunta
he smiled in answer como respuesta esbozó una sonrisa
in answer to your letter en respuesta a su carta
in answer to your letter of 15th March, I now have the information you requested
in answer to your question en or como respuesta a su pregunta; para responder or contestar (a) su pregunta
I don't quite know what to say in answer to your question she wrote to Roosevelt's secretary, in answer to his letter of the day before in answer to speculation that she wouldn't finish the race, she boldly declared her intention of winning it
there's no answer (Telec) no contestan
I knocked but there was no answer llamé a la puerta pero no hubo respuesta or no abrieron; there's no answer to that no existe una respuesta para eso; I made no answer no respondí
her only answer was to smile respondió simplemente con una sonrisa; como respuesta se limitó a sonreír
it was the answer to my prayers fue la solución a todos mis problemas
to know all the answers tener respuesta para todo; saberlo todo
the answer to a maiden's prayer
he's not exactly the answer to a maiden's prayer no es precisamente un príncipe azul
she won't take no for an answer
2 (solution) solución (f)
we have the answer to your problem tenemos la solución a su problema; prison is not the answer la cárcel no es solución; there is no easy answer no hay una solución fácil
there must be an answer there is no answer to the H-bomb I think I have the answer my answer is to do nothing legislation is only part of the answer
3 (equivalent)
cachaça is Brazil's answer to tequila la cachaça es el tequila brasileño; Belgium's answer to Sylvester Stallone el Sylvester Stallone belga
4 (in exam, quiz) (correct response) (to question) respuesta (f); (to problem) solución (f)
what do you make the answer? do you know the right answer? the answers to the quiz are printed below when you get the answer, send it to us on a postcard
(individual response) respuesta (f)
write your answers on the sheets provided escriba las respuestas en las hojas que se le han proporcionado
5 (Jur) contestación (f) a la demanda; réplica (f)
transitive verb
1 (reply to) [+person] contestar a; responder a; [+question] contestar (a); responder (a); [+letter] contestar (a); [+criticism] responder a
answer me contéstame; respóndeme; to answer your question, I did see him contestando or respondiendo a tu pregunta, (te diré que) sí lo vi; she never answered my letters nunca contestaba (a) mis cartas; he answered not a word no dijo (ni una) palabra; to answer that ... responder que ...; contestar que ...
Williams answered that he had no specific proposals yet
"not yet," he answered —aún no —respondió
why, whenever countries such as Rwanda are in trouble, is it always the United States, Britain and France which answer the call for help? he was answering a 999 call for help that should answer your question to obtain her degree she answered 81 questions over 10 papers he answered her smile with one of his own B & B's staff can answer any questions you may have by phone answer me this does that answer your question? she answered an advert for a job as a cook the statement seemed designed to answer criticism of allied bombing missions
to answer a call for help acudir a una llamada de socorro
to answer the door (ir a) abrir la puerta; atender la puerta; (LAm)
a middle-aged woman answered the door can you answer the door? I'm not dressed yet.
our prayers have been answered nuestras súplicas han sido escuchadas
to answer the telephone contestar el teléfono
2 (fulfil) [+needs] satisfacer; [+description] responder a
two men answering the description of the suspects dos hombres que respondían a la descripción de los sospechosos; it answers the purpose sirve para su propósito; cumple su cometido
would communism answer their needs? somebody answering his description had taken the late night Townsend-Thorenson Ferry from Felixstowe to Rotterdam the Japanese never built any aircraft remotely answering to this description a black coat, even a very good black coat, would hardly answer the purpose here he wouldn't come all this way into the mountains just to give me a lift - obviously /the trip had to answer a purpose/
3 (Jur)
to answer a charge responder a una acusación; responder a un cargo
he had received a summons to appear in court to answer a charge of breaching the peace Dr Pavlov will have to be extradited to answer the charges against him
4 (Náut)
to answer the helm obedecer al timón
he felt a strong movement, but he couldn't tell whether it was her answering the helm—still hard over—or a lucky push of the sea
intransitive verb
contestar; responder
she didn't answer immediately tardó en contestar or responder; if the phone rings, let someone else answer si suena el teléfono, deja que conteste otro; the doorbell rang but I didn't answer sonó el timbre pero no abrí
answer paper (n) hoja (f) de respuestas
she had left her answer paper completely blank
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