ansias is the plural form of ansia.
1. (afán) 
a. longing, yearning 
2. (ansiedad) 
a. anxiousness 
3. (angustia) 
a. anguish 
ansiassickness, nausea
1 (anhelo) yearning; longing
ansia de libertad/amor yearning o longing for freedom/love; ansia de poder/riqueza/conocimiento/aventura thirst for power/wealth/knowledge/adventure; el ansia de superación the will to outdo oneself; el ansia de vivir la ayudó a recuperarse the will to live helped her to recover; el ansia de placeres the desire for pleasure; tenía ansias de verla he was yearning o longing to see her; comer con ansia to eat ravenously; beber con ansia to drink thirstily; besarse con ansia to kiss hungrily; mirar con ansia a algn to look longingly at sb
2 (ansiedad) anxiety; worry; (angustia) anguish
3 ansias (náuseas) nausea
; (s)
tener ansias to feel sick o nauseous
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