Annoying in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation


1. molesto(a), irritante
  • he has an annoying habit of interrupting me tiene la mala or molesta costumbre de interrumpirme
  • how annoying! ¡qué fastidio!
annoying [əˈnɔɪɪŋ]
[+habit, noise] molesto; irritante; [+person] irritante; pesado
she has the annoying habit of phoning at midnight
the annoying thing about it is that ... lo que más me fastidia del asunto es que ...; how annoying! ¡qué fastidio!; it's annoying to have to wait es un fastidio tener que esperar; he's such an annoying person! ¡qué hombre más irritante or pesado!; I find her very annoying me resulta muy pesada; I find it very annoying me molesta mucho
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