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transitive verb
1. fastidiar, molestar , enojar (especialmente Am)
  • to get annoyed molestarse, enfadarse (especialmente español de España), enojarse (especialmente Am)
  • to be annoyed with somebody estar molesto(a) or enfadado(a) or (especialmente español de España) enojado(a) con alguien (especialmente Am)
annoy [əˈnɔɪ]
transitive verb
molestar; fastidiar
Try making a note of the things that annoy you It annoyed me that I didn't have time to do more reading It just annoyed me to hear him talking like that
he's just trying to annoy you lo que quiere es molestarte or fastidiarte; is this man annoying you, madam? ¿le está molestando este hombre, señora?; don't be annoyed if I can't come no te enfades si no puedo venir; to be annoyed about or at sth estar enfadado or molesto por algo; to be annoyed with sb estar enfadado or molesto con algn; to get annoyed enfadarse; it's no good getting annoyed with me de nada sirve enfadarte conmigo
Verb Conjugations for molestar
Gerund: molestando
Participle: molestado
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