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1. animal (m) (creature)
  • the animal kingdom el reino animal
  • animal rights derechos mpl de los animales
  • he's an animal es un animal, es un bestia (uncivilized person)
animal [ˈænɪməl]
1 (not plant) animal (m)
man is a political animal el hombre es un animal político
2 (thing) cosa (f)
there's no such animal no existe tal cosa
"Why don't we use a middle-man? Someone acceptable to both sides." Fox laughed. "There's no such animal."
they are two different animals son cosas bien distintas
These two reports were very different animals. One focussed on theory, the other on practice Leaders and managers can be seen as different animals. Managers tend to enjoy working within given confines. Leaders create their own horizons convince investors that the merger of two such different animals should be taken seriously
3 (person) animal (informal) (m); bestia (informal) (m)
He's such an animal This man is an animal, a beast He's nothing but an animal
you animal! ¡animal! (informal); ¡bestia! (informal)
animal cracker (n) (US) galletita (f) de animales
animal fats (n) grasas (f) de animal
animal husbandry (n) cría (f) de animales
animal instinct (n) instinto (m) animal
the animal kingdom (n) el reino animal
Animal Liberation Front (n) (Britain) Frente (m) de Liberación Animal
animal liberationist (n) miembro (m) del Frente de Liberación de los Animales
animal lover (n) amante (m) de los animales
The British are renowned as a nation of animal lovers
animal magnetism (n) [of person] atracción (f) animal; magnetismo (m) salvaje
He was not very tall, definitely not handsome, but he had an animal magnetism and a personality to match Corliss portrays Depardieu as a hard-drinking, wrong-side-of-the-tracks macho man, long on talent and animal magnetism but a bit short on brains
animal rights movement (n) movimiento (m) por los derechos de los animales
animal sanctuary (n) centro (m) de acogida para animales
animal spirits (n) vitalidad (f)
animal testing (n) pruebas (f) de laboratorio con animales
In 1991, a Mintel poll showed that animal testing appalled more people than any other ethical or environmental issue ...companies involved with animal testing A total ban on animal testing for cosmetics was voted in by Euro-mps yesterday
1. animal (instintos, funciones)
  • el reino animal the animal kingdom
2. rough (persona) (basto) ; ignorant (ignorante)
masculine noun
3. animal
  • animal de carga beast of burden
  • animal de compañía pet
  • animal doméstico farm animal; (de granja) pet (de compañía)
  • animal protegido protected species
masculine or feminine noun
4. animal, brute (persona)
1 (de los animales) animal
instinto animal animal instinct
el reino animal
2 (estúpido) stupid
el muy animal no sabe la capital de España he's so stupid he doesn't know what the capital of Spain is
3 (bruto)
¡deja ya de empujar, no seas tan animal! stop pushing, you great oaf o brute; no seas animal, trátala con cariño don't be such a brute, be kind to her; ¡el muy animal se comió tres platos! he had three helpings, the oaf o pig!
los animales salvajes wild animals; soy un animal político I am a political animal; ser animal de costumbres to be a creature of habit
ser un animal de bellota to be as thick as two short planks (familiar)
comer como un animal to eat like a pig
trabajar como un animal to work like a slave; work all the hours God sends (familiar)
animal de carga (burro, buey) beast of burden
¡me tratas como a un animal de carga! what did your last servant die of? (familiar)
animal de compañía pet
animal de laboratorio laboratory animal
animal de tiro draught animal; draft animal; (EEUU)
animal doméstico [de compañía] pet; [de granja] domestic animal
1 (estúpido) fool; moron (familiar)
¡animal!, tres y dos son cinco you fool o moron (familiar), three plus two makes five
2 (bruto) brute
el animal de Juan seguía pegándole that brute Juan kept on hitting him; el animal de Antonio se comió su plato y el mío that pig Antonio ate all his own dinner and mine too; eres un animal, lo has roto you're so rough you've gone and broken it
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