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1. (copulative)
a. y
I'm going to the beach with my sister and my brother.Voy a la playa con mi hermana y mi hermano.
b. e (before -i or -hi)
Maria and Isabelle had lunch together last week.María e Isabelle almorzaron juntas la semana pasada.
, unstressed ənd, ən]
1. y (in general); e [before i, hi]
  • she can read and write sabe leer y escribir
  • father and son padre e hijo
  • my father and brother mi padre y mi hermano
  • chicken and chips pollo con patatas fritas
  • go and look for it ve a buscarlo
  • come and see me ven a verme
  • try and help me intenta ayudarme
  • wait and see espera a ver
  • nice and warm bien calentito(a)
  • do that again and I'll hit you! como lo vuelvas a hacer, te pego
2. (in numbers)
  • two hundred and two doscientos dos
  • four and a half cuatro y medio
  • an hour and twenty minutes una hora y veinte minutos
  • four and five make nine cuatro y cinco, nueve
3. (expressing repetition)
  • hours and hours horas y horas
  • better and better cada vez mejor
  • she talked and talked no paraba de hablar
  • and so on and so forth etcétera, etcétera
and [ænd] [ənd] [nd] [ən]
1 y; (before i-, hi- but not hie-) e
you and me tú y yo; French and English francés e inglés; and? ¿y?; ¿y qué más?; and how! ¡y (no veas) cómo!
"Does that mean your family sometimes get in the way of your work?" "And how!" In any case, getting back to Rome was now a problem. And how! To start with, our civilization is older than yours. And how! We've been around since the beginning of recorded time
and/or y/o
better and better cada vez mejor; more and more cada vez más; more and more difficult cada vez más difícil
Life is supposed to get easier as you get older, but I find it just gets more and more difficult
3 (in numbers)
one and a half uno y medio; a hundred and one ciento uno; two hundred and ten doscientos diez; five hours and 20 minutes cinco horas y 20 minutos; ten dollars and 50 cents diez dólares y or con 50 centavos
4 (negative sense) ni
without shoes and socks sin zapatos ni calcetines; you can't buy and sell here aquí no se permite comprar ni vender
5 (repetition, continuation)
she cried and cried no dejaba de llorar; lloraba sin parar; I rang and rang llamé muchas veces; he talked and talked habló sin parar or cesar; (LAm)
6 (before infin)
try and do it trata de hacerlo; please try and come! ¡procura venir!; wait and see espera y verás; come and see me ven a verme
7 (implying a distinction)
there are lawyers and lawyers! hay abogados y abogados
8 (implying a conditional)
one move and you're dead! ¡como te muevas disparo!; ¡un solo movimiento y disparo!
Flee and you are lost
In order to avoid two "i" sounds coming together, and is translated by e not y before words beginning with i and hi and before the letter y used on its own:
... Spain and Italy ... ... España e Italia ...
... grapes and figs ... ... uvas e higos ...
... words ending in S and Y ... ... palabras terminadas en S e Y ...
Words beginning with hie are preceded by y, since hie is not pronounced "i":
... coal and iron mines ... ... minas de carbón y hierro ...
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