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  • the ancients los antiguos
1. antiguo(a) ; vetusto(a) (familiar) (car, clothes)
  • you're forty? — that's ancient! ¿cuarenta años? — ¡estás hecho un carroza!
  • ancient history historia (f) antigua
  • ancient Rome la antigua Roma
ancient [ˈeɪnʃənt]
1 (old, classical) antiguo
ancient Greek griego (m) antiguo; ancient history historia (f) antigua; that's ancient history! ¡eso pertenece a la historia!; in ancient days en la antigüedad; hace muchísimo tiempo; ancient monument (Britain) monumento (m) histórico; ancient Rome la Roma antigua; remains of ancient times restos (m) de la antigüedad
2 [+person] viejo; anciano; [+clothing, object] antiquísimo; de los tiempos de Maricastaña (informal)
He sorted through a box in the attic and found a couple of ancient sweaters He still prefers to use that ancient reel-to-reel tape recorder of his
we went in his ancient car fuimos en su antiquísimo coche; he's getting pretty ancient va para viejo
I feel positively ancient beside all these 20 year olds
"Position of "viejo" and "antiguo"" See culture box in entry old.
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