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1. ancla (f) (Naut); eje (m) (sentido figurado) (of team)
  • at anchor fondeado(a), anclado(a)
  • to drop anchor echar el ancla, fondear
  • to weigh anchor levar anclas
transitive verb
2. fondear, anclar (Naut)
3. sujetar, anclar (fix securely)(to a)
4. presentar (radio, TV program)
intransitive verb
5. fondear, anclar (Naut)
anchor [ˈæŋkəʳ]
1 (Náut) ancla (f)
to be or lie or ride at anchor estar al ancla; estar anclado; to cast or drop anchor echar anclas; anchors aweigh! ¡leven anclas!
2 seguridad (f); sostén (m); (person) pilar (m)
transitive verb
1 (Náut) anclar
2 sujetar;to a; afianzar;to en
3 especially (US) (TV) (Rad) presentar
Viewers saw him anchoring a 5-minute summary of regional news ...a series of cassettes on the Vietnam War, anchored by Mr Cronkite
intransitive verb
(Náut) anclar
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