feminine noun
1. friendship
  • hacer o trabar amistad (con) -> to make friends (with)
  • amistades -> friends

amistad [ah-mis-tahd’]
1. Amity, friendship; commerce. (f)
2. A connection founded upon a carnal intercourse. (f)
3. Gallantry. (f)
4. Civility, favor. (f)
5. inclination, desire. (Obsolete) (f)
  • hacer las amistades -> to make up
  • Invitar a las amistades -> to invite one’s friends

1 (cariño) friendship; (relación amistosa) friendly relationship; friendly connection
hacer o trabar amistad con to strike up a friendship with; become friends with
estrechar amistad con
llevar amistad con to be on friendly terms with; hacer las amistades to make it up; romper las amistades to fall out
2 amistades (amigos) friends; (relaciones) acquaintances
invitar a las amistades to invite one's friends

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