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1. aficionado(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (non-professional)
2. aficionado(a) (painter, musician); de aficionado (work, performance)
  • it was a rather amateur jobfue un trabajo chapucero or de aficionados
amateur [ˈæmətəʳ]
1 (non-professional) amateur (m); (hobbyist) aficionado/aficionada (m) (f);a aficionada
he played for his country as an amateur
he boxed first as an amateur then as a professional boxeó primero como amateur y después como profesional
he won the Grand National while still an amateur
an enthusiastic amateur un amateur entusiasta
this auction will interest enthusiastic amateurs and serious collectors alike
I love gardening but I'm just an amateur me encanta la jardinería, pero no soy más que un aficionado
Smith was wont to insist that he was only an amateur, but his research led to one very important discovery
2 chapucero/chapucera (m) (f);a chapucera
those guys are amateurs! ¡esos tipos son unos chapuceros!
those guys are amateurs, look at the mess they made of laying the carpet he's just an amateur;there's no way he can beat Mike Tyson what a bunch of amateurs!
1 (not professional) [+athlete, actor, production] amateur; [+club, competition] para amateurs; para aficionados
amateur athletics/photography atletismo/fotografía para amateurs; an amateur photographer un aficionado a la fotografía; un fotógrafo aficionado; an amateur detective un detective aficionado; I have an amateur interest in pottery me interesa la cerámica como aficionado; amateur status condición (f) de amateur
2 [+production, performance] de aficionados; chapucero
it was a very amateur performance fue una actuación de aficionados or muy chapucera
I refuse to employ that builder again; he did a very amateur job on the extension a school concert needn't be an awkwardly amateur affair
amateur dramatics (n) teatro (m) amateur; teatro (m) de aficionados
(pl amateurs)
adjective & masculine or feminine noun
1. amateur
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