feminine noun
1. mooring rope (Náut)
  • largar o soltar amarras -> to cast off
  • tener amarras (figurative) -> to have connections, to have friends in high places (contactos)

amarra [ah-mar’-rah]
1. A cable. (f)
2. A martingale. (f)
  • Amarra -> (Naut.) A word of command, corresponding to the English belay, lash, or fasten
  • Amarras fijas -> moorings
  • Amarras de popa -> stern-fasts
  • Amarras de proa -> bow-fasts
  • Amarras de través -> fasts amidships
  • Tener buenas amarras -> (Met.) to have powerful friends or interest

1 (Náutica) mooring line; (Latinoamérica) (cuerda) rope; line; cord; (México) (rienda) rein; lead
2 amarras (Náutica) moorings
cortar o romper las amarras to break loose; cut adrift; echar las amarras to moor
3 amarras (protección) protection
; (s)
tener buenas amarras to have good connections

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