transitive verb
1. (to signal) 
Cuando el potencial comprador amagó desinterés, el vendedor le hizo una oferta irresistible.When the potential buyer showed signs of not being interested, the seller made him an irresistible offer.
Diana amagó un saludo pero se dio la vuelta y me dejó con la mano extendida.Diana made as if she was going to greet me, but she turned around and left me standing there holding out my hand.
2. (medicine) 
Voy a llamar al médico; creo que a Lily le está amagando una influenza.I'm calling the doctor; I think Lilly is showing the first signs of the flu.
3. (to intimidate) 
Dos delincuentes entraron a la tienda y amagaron al cajero con navajas.Two criminals came into the store and threatened the cashier with knives.
intransitive verb
4. (sports) 
a. to feint 
El delantero amagó para engañar al portero y consiguió marcar un golazo.The forward feinted to trick the goalkeeper and managed to score a great goal.
b. to dummy (United Kingdom) 
Messi corrió, giró y amagó pasando a cinco jugadores y marcando desde el área de meta.Messi ran, turned, and dummied past five players to score from inside the goal area.
5. (to be imminent) 
Mejor quedémonos en casa porque está amagando con lluvia.We'd better stay home because it's threatening to rain.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
le amagó un golpehe made as if to hit him
amagó una sonrisashe gave a hint of a smile
2. (dar indicios de) 
a. to show signs of 
intransitive verb
3. (tormenta) 
a. to be imminent, to threaten 
transitive verb
(amenazar) to threaten; portend (literario); (dar indicios de) to show signs of;
intransitive verb
(estar próximo) to threaten; be impending; (Med) (manifestarse) to show the first signs; (Esgrima) to feint
amagar a hacer algo to threaten to do sth; show signs of doing sth
pronominal verb
1 (esconderse) to hide
2 (S. Cone) (tomar una postura amenazante) to adopt a threatening posture
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