usage note
The plural of "alumna" is "alumnae."
1. (former female student) 
I am an alumna of Stanford University.Soy exalumna de la Universidad de Stanford.
There are two Yale alumnae in our company.Hay dos exalumnas de Yale en nuestra empresa.
alumna is the feminine form of alumno.


el alumno, la alumna
masculine or feminine noun
1. (education) 
a. student 
Solo 12 alumnos consiguieron licenciarse en Física.Only 12 students managed to graduate in Physics.
b. pupil (young) 
La profesora tenía 30 alumnos en su clase.The teacher had 30 pupils in her class.
2. (old-fashioned) (legal) 
a. pupil 
El alumno amaba a sus tutores y les decía "Papá" y "Mamá".The pupil loved his guardians and called them "Dad" and "Mom."
1. (de escuela, profesor particular) 
a. pupil 
2. (de universidad) 
a. student 
alumno externoday pupil
alumnoa alumna
1 (Escol) pupil; (Univ) student
antiguo alumno (Escol) old boy; former pupil; alumnus; (EEUU) (Univ) old student; former student; alumnus; (EEUU)
alumno/a externo/a day pupil
alumno/a interno/a boarder
2 (Jur) ward; foster child
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