1. (general) 
the Almightyel Todopoderoso
2. (colloquial) 
a. de mil demonios (fuss, row) 
b. de la gran siete (River Plate) 
almighty [ɔːlˈmaɪtɪ]
1 (omnipotent) todopoderoso
Almighty God God Almighty Dios Todopoderoso
the almighty dollar el todopoderoso dólar
...the power of the Almighty Dollar You never see rich people on death row. They can buy government officials off because the almighty dollar determines what kind of justice you get here in the good ole USA
2 (tremendous) tremendo; de mil demonios (informal)
I had the most almighty row with the waitress I heard an almighty bang
an almighty din un ruido tremendo or de mil demonios; I foresee almighty problems preveo unos enormes problemas; he's an almighty fool if he believes that! ¡vaya tonto si cree eso!
the Almighty el Todopoderoso
terriblemente; la mar de (informal)
an almighty loud bang un estallido terriblemente fuerte
that was almighty silly of you
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