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1. todos(as) (every one of)
  • all men todos los hombres
  • all the others todos los demás
  • all four of them los cuatro
  • all the books todos los libros
  • they are all smokers todos fuman, todos son fumadores
  • at all hours a todas horas, continuamente
2. todo(a) (the whole of)
  • all the wine todo el vino
  • all day todo el día
  • all week toda la semana
  • she has lived here all her life ha vivido aquí toda la or su vida
  • all the time todo el tiempo
  • he leaves the door open all the time siempre se deja la puerta abierta
  • is that all the money you're taking? ¿no te llevas más que ese dinero?
3. (for emphasis)
  • she helped me in all sorts of ways me ayudó de mil maneras
  • what's all that noise? ¿qué es ese escándalo?
  • in all honesty para ser francos
  • and all that (familiar) y todo eso
  • it's not all that easy no es tan fácil
  • for all her apparent calm, she was actually very nervous a pesar de su aparente tranquilidad, estaba realmente muy nerviosa
  • you, of all people, should understand tú deberías comprenderlo mejor que nadie
  • of all the times to phone! ¡vaya un momento para llamar!
4. todos(as) (m,fpl) (everyone)
  • all of them say that…, they all say that… todos dicen que…
  • all of us todos (nosotros)
  • we all love him todos lo queremos
  • all together todos juntos
5. todo(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (everything) (replacing uncountable noun);
    todos(as) (m,fpl)
  • I want all of it lo quiero todo
  • all of them are blue, they are all blue todos son azules
  • I did all I could hice todo lo que pude
  • it was all I could do not to laugh apenas pude aguantar la risa
  • best/worst of all,… y lo que es mejor/peor,…
  • I like this one best of all este es el que más me gusta
  • most of all ante todo
  • when I was busiest of all cuando estaba más ocupado
  • that's all eso es todo
  • is that all? ¿nada más?, ¿es eso todo?
  • all I said was “good morning” sólo dije “buenos días”
  • when all's said and done a fin de cuentas
  • for all I know por lo que yo sé
  • it's all the same to me me da lo mismo
  • thirty men in all treinta hombres en total
  • all in all en resumen, en suma
  • it cost £260, all in costó 260 libras con todo incluido
  • it cost all of £2 (Ironic) costó la increíble suma de 2 libras
6. totalmente, completamente (entirely)
  • he was left all alone lo dejaron (completamente) solo(a)
  • he did it all on his own lo hizo él solo
  • to be (dressed) all in black ir (vestido(a)) todo de negro
  • to be all for something ser partidario(a) de algo
  • to be all ears ser todo oídos
  • he's not all bad no es del todo malo
  • all around the room por toda la habitación
  • all over (the place) por todas partes
  • all too soon demasiado pronto
  • all at once de repente; (suddenly) a la vez (at the same time)
  • all along desde el principio
  • all but casi (almost)
  • it's all yours es todo tuyo
  • to be all in (familiar) estar hecho(a) polvo or una piltrafa(exhausted), estar camotes (español de México)
7. (with comparatives)
  • all the better/worse tanto mejor/peor
  • the noise made it all the harder to hear them con el ruido era aún más difícil oírlos
8. (in games)
  • two all empate (m) a dos (in soccer)
  • four (games) all empate a cuatro juegos (in tennis)
  • fifteen all quince iguales (in tennis)
  • to give one's all darlo todo
all [ɔːl]
When all is part of a set combination, eg in all seriousness/probability, look up the noun. Note that all right has an entry to itself.
1 todo
all my life toda mi vida
I've wanted to do this all my life
all my friends todos mis amigos; all men todos los hombres
all my friends came
they drank all the beer se bebieron toda la cerveza
he's eaten all the biscuits all the food had was gone
all the others went home todos los demás se fueron a casa; it rained all day llovió todo el día; llovió el día entero; she hasn't been in all day no ha estado en todo el día; all three (of them) were found guilty los tres fueron declarados culpables; I'll take all three (of them) me llevo los tres
all three said the same thing
40% of all marriages end in divorce el 40% de los matrimonios terminan en divorcio
all men are created equal all men are equal, but some are more equal than others In all [fairness] he had to admit that she was neither dishonest nor lazy in all [probability] In all [seriousness], there is nothing else I can do in all [sincerity] If the pool was still open, we'd in all probability be swimming in it all the books on the shelf
it would have to rain today, of all days! ¡tenía que llover hoy justamente!
for all their efforts, they didn't manage to score a pesar de todos sus esfuerzos, no lograron marcar un tanto
for all its beauty, the city may be losing its individuality [for] all his boasting [of] all the cheek! One group of women was singing, of all things, "Greensleeves"
they chose him, of all people! lo eligieron a él, como si no hubiera otros
all those who disobey will be punished todos aquellos que desobedezcan serán castigados
in all [fairness], you have to admit that ... I can tell you, in all [honesty], that I didn't know in all [probability] they are already dead in all [sincerity], he believed it to be true
all that
it's not as bad as all that no es para tanto
it's not as important/urgent as all that
all that is irrelevant now todo eso ya no importa
all that is quite irrelevant, what matters is his performance
and all that y cosas así; y otras cosas por el estilo
he went on about loyalty and all that habló sin parar sobre la lealtad y cosas así; sorry and all that, but that's the way it is disculpas y todo lo demás, pero así son las cosas
of all the ...
of all the luck! ¡vaya suerte!
Of all the lazy, unbusinesslike attitudes to have!
of all the tactless things to say! ¡qué falta de tacto!
2 (any)
it has been proved beyond all doubt se ha probado sin que quepa la menor duda
the town had changed beyond all recognition la ciudad había cambiado hasta hacerse irreconocible
1 (singular) (everything) todo
it's all done está todo hecho
we did all we could to stop him hicimos todo lo posible para detenerlo
it was all I could do not to laugh apenas pude contener la risa
all is not lost aún quedan esperanzas
all of it todo
I didn't read all of it no lo leí todo or entero; not all of it was true no todo era cierto; you can't see all of Madrid in a day no puedes ver todo Madrid or Madrid entero en un día; I do all of the work yo hago todo el trabajo; I do all of the cooking siempre cocino yo; it took him all of three hours (at least) le llevó tres horas enteras; (only) le llevó ni más ni menos que tres horas; she must be all of 16 debe de tener al menos 16 años
I gave him some soup and he ate all of it it weighed all of 30 kilos
is that all?will that be all? ¿es eso todo?; ¿nada más?
six o'clock? is that all? ¿las seis? ¿nada más?
6 o'clock? is that all? then we still have time
that's all eso es todo; nada más
all is well todo está bien
You can have one more sweet but that's all "Why do you want to know?" "Just curious, that's all" I had no desire to be a mother — I had a child, that's all 25 pounds — is that all? I thought it would cost far more 25 pounds — is that all? It's worth 50 at least that's all he said we saw all there was to see all I remember is ... all is now silent on the island I'd spent all I had, every last penny It was all I could do to keep a straight face
when all is said and done a fin de cuentas
all's well that ends well bien está lo que bien acaba
(the only thing)
all I can tell you is ... todo lo que puedo decirte es ...; lo único que puedo decirte es ...; all I want is to sleep lo único que quiero es dormir; that was all that we managed to salvage from the fire eso fue todo lo que conseguimos rescatar del incendio
all that matters is that you're safe lo único que importa es que estás a salvo
that's all that matters you can have all that's left
all that he did was laugh lo único que hizo fue reírse
2 (plural) todos (m); todas (f)
they all came with their husbands todas vinieron con sus maridos
evening, all! > ¡buenas tardes a todos! education should be open to all who want it we all sat down the girls all knew that ... they've invited us all they were all broken
this concerns all of you esto os afecta a todos (vosotros)
all of them failed I love his short stories, I've read all of them all of the cakes went
his was the worst performance of all la suya fue la peor actuación de todas
this was the worst biggest disappointment of all this result was the most surprising of all
they all say that todos dicen lo mismo
all who knew him loved him todos los que le conocieron le querían
3 (in scores)
the score was 2 all
the score is two all van empatados a dos; el marcador es de empate a dos; to draw two all empatar a dos; it's 30 all (Tennis) treinta iguales
4 (in set structures)
above all sobre todo
Above all, you must learn to relax
after all después de todo
I thought you might know somebody. After all, you're the man with connections The Social Democrats say they are ready after all to begin talks
all but
all but seven/twenty todos menos siete/veinte
the party won all but six of the seats this would exclude all but those able to pay the plant will stand all but the harshest winters
all for nothing
I rushed to get there, all for nothing fui a toda prisa, todo para nada; fui a toda prisa, y total para nada
all in all en general
all in all, things turned out quite well en general, las cosas salieron bastante bien
all in all, he's not a bad person
we thought, all in all, it wasn't a bad idea pensamos que, mirándolo bien, no era una mala idea
all told en total
All told, the flats needed £45,000 to bring them back into use Any hope of my raising any volunteers here? I have one hundred and twenty men, all told.
and all
what with the rain and all con la lluvia y todo lo demás; the dog ate the sausage, mustard and all el perro se comió la salchicha, mostaza incluida
for all I care
you can go right now for all I care por mí como si te vas ahora mismo
for all I know
for all I know he could be dead puede que hasta esté muerto, no lo sé; for all I know, he could be right igual hasta tiene razón, no lo sé
for all I know or care, they're still living together
if (...) at all
I'll go tomorrow if I go at all si es que voy, iré mañana; it rarely rains here, if at all aquí rara vez llueve, si es que llueve; I'd like to see him today, if (it's) at all possible me gustaría verlo hoy, si es del todo posible; they won't attempt it, if they have any sense at all si tienen el más mínimo sentido común, no lo intentarán
the little grammar they learn, if they study grammar at all I don't mind at all
in all
50 men in all 50 hombres en total
5 people in all witnessed the accident
it all
he ate it all se lo comió todo
the cake? we've eaten [it] all!
it all happened so quickly sucedió todo tan rápido; she seemed to have it all: a good job, a happy marriage parecía tenerlo todo: un buen trabajo, un matrimonio feliz
he's seen it all, done it all if that's all it is, it's not important
it's all or nothing es todo o nada
it was all or [nothing] now, no going back There are no half-way measures on this. It is all or nothing Either he went through with this thing or he didn't; it was all or nothing "What I'm saying is, if you have any ambivalence about KKR, you can't be for me." It had to be all or nothing, Forstmann said. He wouldn't be partners with anyone who would even consider joining forces with Kravis
most of all sobre todo; más que nada
what I like most of all is to relax in a hot bath most of all, I admired his courage
no ... at all
I have no regrets at all no me arrepiento en absoluto; it makes no difference at all da exactamente igual
not ... at all
I don't feel at all well no me siento nada bien; she wasn't at all apologetic no se disculpó para nada; I'm not at all tired no estoy cansado en lo más mínimo or en absoluto; it was not at all nice no fue nada agradable
you mean she didn't sing at all? you mean he hadn't revised at all? you mean he hadn't prepared the class at all?
you mean he didn't cry at all? ¿quieres decir que no lloró nada?; did you mention me at all? ¿mencionaste mi nombre por casualidad?
not at all! (answer to thanks) ¡de nada!; ¡no hay de qué!
thank you! — not at all!
"are you disappointed?" — "not at all!" —¿estás defraudado? —en absoluto
1 (entirely) todo
Make [todo] agree with the person or thing described:
she went all red se puso toda colorada; you're all wet estás todo mojado; it's all dirty está todo sucio; he was all covered in blood estaba completamente cubierto de sangre
the children were all alone los niños estaban completamente solos
he had to do it all by himself she left her daughters all alone in the flat she's all alone since her husband died
there were insects all around us había insectos por todas partes
I did it all by myself lo hice completamente solo
she was dressed all in black iba vestida completamente de negro
we shook hands all round nos estrechamos todos las manos
2 (in set structures)
all along
all along the street a lo largo de toda la calle; por toda la calle; this is what I feared all along esto es lo que estaba temiendo desde el primer momento or el principio
all the [better]
all but (nearly) casi
he all but died casi se muere; por poco se muere; he's all but forgotten now ya casi no se le recuerda
it's all but impossible
all for sth
to be all for sth estar completamente a favor de algo; I'm all for it estoy completamente a favor
I'm all for giving him a chance
I'm all for giving children their independence estoy completamente a favor de or apoyo completamente la idea de dar independencia a los niños
all in (all inclusive) (Britain) todo incluido; (exhausted) hecho polvo (informal)
the trip cost £200 all in el viaje costó 200 libras, todo incluido
dinner is about £25 all in
after a day's skiing I was all in después de un día esquiando, estaba hecho polvo (informal) or rendido; you look all in se te ve rendido; ¡vaya cara de estar hecho polvo! (informal)
all out
to go all out (spare no expense) tirar la casa por la ventana; (Dep) emplearse a fondo; to go all out for the prize volcarse por conseguir el premio; we must go all out to ensure it hemos de desplegar todos nuestros medios para asegurarlo
all over
all over the world you'll find ... en or por todo el mundo encontrarás ...; he's travelled all over the world ha viajado por todo el mundo; you've got mud all over your shoes tienes los zapatos cubiertos de barro; I spilled coffee all over my shirt se me cayó el café encima y me manché toda la camisa; they were all over him le recibieron con el mayor entusiasmo; I ache all over me duele (por) todo el cuerpo; I looked all over for you te busqué por or en todas partes; it happens all over ocurre en todas partes; that's him all over eso es muy típico de él
all the more ...
considering his age, it's all the more remarkable that he succeeded teniendo en cuenta su edad, es aún más extraordinario que lo haya logrado; she valued her freedom, all the more so because she had fought so hard for it valoraba mucho su libertad, tanto más cuanto que había luchado tanto por conseguirla
all too ...
it's all too true lamentablemente es cierto; all too soon, the holiday was over cuando quisimos darnos cuenta las vacaciones habían terminado
it was all too obvious he didn't mean it
the evening passed all too quickly la tarde pasó demasiado rápido
all up with
it's all up with him está acabado
it's all up with the business if we can't secure some more funding
all very ...that's all very well but ... todo eso está muy bien, pero ...
OK, he's promised to pay us. That's all very well but when will we get the money? it was all rather embarrasssing I spilled coffee all over my shirt all over Scotland he's travelled all over the world you've got mud all over your shoes
not all there
he isn't all there no tiene todos los tornillos bien (informal); le falta algún tornillo (informal)
He wasn't all there, a bit mental or something
not all that ...
it isn't all that far no está tan lejos; it shouldn't be all that difficult no debería resultar tan difícil
it's isn't all that far, you can walk there in 10 minutes He isn't all that much older than you
he had given her his all (affection) se había entregado completamente a ella; (possessions) le había dado todo lo que tenía
I really didn't give it my all no di todo lo que podía dar de mí; I decided to give it my all decidí echarle el resto
he puts his all into every game se da completamente en cada partido; siempre da todo lo que puede de sí en cada partido
the all clear (n) (signal) el cese de la alarma; el fin de la alarma; el visto bueno; luz verde
all clear! ¡fin de la alerta!; to be given the all clear (to do sth) recibir el visto bueno; recibir luz verde; (by doctor) recibir el alta médica or definitiva
I hope to be given the all clear to resume playing when I see the specialist in three weeks
All Fools' Day (n) día (m) de los (Santos) Inocentes
All Hallows' (Day) (n) día (m) de Todos los Santos
All Saints' Day (n) día (m) de Todos los Santos
All Souls' Day (n) día (m) de (los) Difuntos; (Esp) día (m) de (los) Muertos; (LAm)
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