feminine noun
1. jewel (joya); treasure (objeto de valor); gem (persona)
  • ¡menuda alhaja! (Irónico) -> he's a right one!

alhaja [al-ah’-hah]
1. Jewel, a thing of great value. (f)
2. Showy furniture, gaudy ornament. (f)
  • Él es una buena alhaj -> (ironically), he is a good fellow: he is a good-for-nothing; beware of him
  • Quien trabaja tiene alhaja -> he that labors spins gold

1 (joya) jewel; gem; (objeto precioso) precious object; treasure; (mueble) fine piece (of furniture)
2 (persona) treasure; gem
¡buena alhaja! she's a fine one!

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