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"alert" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. alerta (f)
  • to be on the alert -> estar alerta
2. lúcido(a) (mind)
  • to be alert -> estar alerta or vigilante; (watchful) ser despierto(a) or espabilado(a) (lively)
  • to be alert to something -> ser consciente de algo (aware of)
verbo transitivo
3. alertar
  • he alerted them to the danger -> los alertó del peligro

alert [á-lert]
1. Alerta, cuidadoso, vigilante.
2. Vivo, activo, dispuesto.
  • To be on the alert -> estar alerta
-va. Alertar.

alert [əˈlɜːt]
1 (mentally acute) [+person] espabilado; despierto
He's nearly 90 now but still mentally alert
[+expression] vivo
they were alert eran espabilados; tenían la mente despierta; he's a very alert baby es un bebé muy despierto
2 (vigilant) alerta; atento
We all have to stay alert He had been spotted by an alert neighbour
we must stay alert hay que estar atentos
3 (aware)
to be alert to sth ser consciente or al tanto de algo
The bank is alert to the danger He said the US would be very alert to the possibility of terrorism Bringing a new pace to the musical, he was continually alert to fresh developments ...
alerta (f)
They have isued an alert to banks and financial insitutions around the world after a robbery in which ... Due to a security alert, this train will not be stopping at Oxford Circus
to be on the alert estar alerta; to put or place troops on (the) alert poner a las tropas sobre aviso or en situación de alerta
alertar; poner sobre aviso
I was hoping he'd alert the police
to alert sb to sth alertar a algn de algo; poner a algn sobre aviso de algo; we are now alerted to the dangers ahora estamos sobre aviso en cuanto a los peligros

Verb Conjugations for "alert" (go to alerta)


I alert I alerted I will alert
you alert you alerted you will alert
he/she alerts he/she alerted he/she will alert
we alert we alerted we will alert
you alert you alerted you will alert
they alert they alerted they will alert
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