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alcalde, -esa
masculine or feminine noun
1. mayor, (f) mayoress

alcalde [al-cahl’-day]
1. Justice of the peace. (m)
2. Mayor of a city, or chairman of a council (of town government). (m)
3. He who leads off a country dance. (m)
  • Tener al padre alcalde -> To enjoy the protection of a judge or other man in power
4. Game at cards. (m)
  • Alcalde de barrio -> Justice of the peace of a ward
  • Alcalde de primera elección -> The senior judge
De segunda elección, The junior judge. The alcalde acts as the mayor of the city council.

1 [de ayuntamiento] mayor; (juez) magistrate
tener el padre alcalde to have influence
2 (Latinoamérica) (alcahuete) procurer; pimp

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