masculine noun
1. (animal) 
a. bleak 
El pescador utilizó albures como carnada para peces más grandes.The fisherman used bleaks as bait for larger fish.
2. (culinary) 
a. bleak 
Cubre los albures de harina y fríelos.Coat the bleaks in flour and fry them.
3. (fate) 
a. chance 
Tenemos que planear el viaje meticulosamente. No podemos dejar nada librado al albur.We need to plan the trip meticulously. We cannot leave anything to chance.
b. risk 
Regresemos ahora o correremos el albur de que nos atrape el embotellamiento de la hora pico.Let's return now or we'll run the risk of getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.
4. (play on words) (Central America) (Mexico) 
Aunque los hombres en el bar creían que sus albures fueron cómicos, no hicieron nada más que ofender a las mujeres allí.While the men in the bar thought their double entendres were funny, they did nothing more than offend the women there.
5. (falsehood) (Central America) 
a. lie 
Te vi almorzando en el restaurante italiano. - ¡Eso es un albur! A esa hora yo estaba en casa.I saw you having lunch at the Italian restaurant. - That's a lie! I was at home at that time.
masculine noun
1. bleak (pez)
2. chance (azar)
3. pun (juego de palabras) (Mexican Spanish, Dominican Spanish); double meaning (doble sentido)
ALBURES Albures are a distinctive feature of male Mexican lower-class speech. They are rapid-fire puns, chiefly of a sexual nature, which can be stretched into extensive exchanges as each participant tries to top the last speaker's remark. Non-native speakers, no matter how fluent their Spanish, are unlikely to make much sense of an exchange of albures, let alone be able to participate. Indeed, they can be largely incomprehensible even to many Mexicans.
1 (España) (pez) bleak
2 (riesgo) chance; risk
3 (México) (juego de palabras) pun
4 (Caribe) (mentira) lie
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