"alargar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to lengthen (ropa)
2. to extend (viaje, visita, plazo)
  • el árbitro alargó el primer tiempo cinco minutos -> the referee added five minutes' stoppage time to the end of the first half
3. to stretch out (brazo, mano)
  • alargar el brazo -> to stretch out one's arm
4. (pasar)
  • alargar algo a alguien -> to pass something (over) to somebody
pronomial verb
1. to get longer (hacerse más largo); to go on for ages (hacerse muy largo)
  • la reunión se alargó hasta el alba -> the meeting went on o stretched on until dawn

alargar [ah-lar-gar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To lengthen, to expand, to extend.
2. To protract, to dwell upon. (Metaphorical)
3. To increase a marked number or quantity.
4. To reach or hand a thing to another.
5. To resign: yet in this sense largar is more used.
6. To send before; to hold out.
  • Alargar la conversación -> to spin out a conversation
  • Alargar el salario -> to increase or augment the pay
  • Alargar el cabo -> (Naut.) to pay out the cable
verb reflexive
7. To be prolonged.
  • Se alargan los días -> the days grow longer
8. To launch; to withdraw from a place.
9. To expatiate or enlarge on an argument, to go beyond, to exced.
10. To sheer off. (Nautical)

1 (en longitud) [+cuerda, goma] to stretch; [+pista de aterrizaje] to lengthen; [+cuello] to crane; [+mano] to stretch out; [+vestido] to lengthen; let down
2 (en tiempo) [+visita] to prolong; extend; [+discurso, espera] to prolong; [+relato] to spin out
esto alargó nuestra espera this prolonged our wait; this forced us to wait longer
3 [+cable de escalada] to pay out
4 (dar) to hand; pass;a to
¿me puedes alargar las tijeras?
5 [+sueldo] to increase; raise
6 [+paso] to quicken
1 (en longitud) to lengthen; get longer
2 (en tiempo) [+días] to grow longer; [+relato] to drag out; [+orador] to go on for a long time
alargarse en algo to expatiate on sth; enlarge upon sth; se alargó en la charla he spun his talk out
3 (divagar) to digress

Verb Conjugations for "alargar" (go to to extend)


yo alargo alargué alargaba alargaría alargaré
alargas alargaste alargabas alargarías alargarás
él/ella/Ud. alarga alargó alargaba alargaría alargará
nosotros alargamos alargamos alargábamos alargaríamos alargaremos
vosotros alargáis alargasteis alargabais alargaríais alargaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. alargan alargaron alargaban alargarían alargarán
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