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feminine noun
1. eagle (ave)
  • ser un á. (figurative) to be sharp o perceptive (ser vivo, listo)
  • ¿á. o sol? heads or tails? (Mexican Spanish)
  • á. imperial Spanish imperial eagle
  • á. real golden eagle
1 (ave) eagle
águila calzada booted eagle
águila culebrera short-toed eagle
águila perdicera Bonelli's eagle
águila pescadora osprey
águila ratonera buzzard
águila real golden eagle
ser un águila to be a genius; be terribly clever
2 (S. Cone) (estafador) cheat; swindler
andar a palos con el águila to be broke
3 [de moneda]
¿águila o sol? (México) heads or tails?
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