agruras is the plural form of agrura.


usage note
The words "agrura" and "agruras" can be used interchangeably in Spanish in the sense shown in 2).
feminine noun
1. (literary) (sour taste) 
a. sourness 
La agrura de aquel café hacía que fuera imposible tomarlo.The sourness of that coffee made it impossible to drink.
b. tartness 
El grado de agrura del yogur depende de la marca.The level of tartness of yogurt depends on the brand.
2. (illness) (Caribbean) (Central America) (Mexico) 
a. heartburn 
Ayer cenamos demasiada grasa y no pude dormir por culpa de las agruras.Last night's dinner was too greasy and I couldn't sleep because I got heartburn.
1 (sabor agrio) sourness; tartness
2 agruras (México) (Med) heartburn
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