pronominal verb
1. (to become acidified) 
Sella bien la botella para que el vino no se agrie.Seal the bottle well so the wine doesn't turn sour.
2. (figurative) (to get upset) 
Nestor antes era muy simpático, pero se ha agriado mucho últimamente.Nestor used to be so nice, but he has become very embittered lately.
transitive verb
3. (to acidify) 
a. to sour 
Los limones estaban viejos y agriaron la ensalada.The lemons were old and soured the salad.
Se me olvidó poner la leche en la nevera y el calor la agrió.I forgot to put the milk in the refrigerator, and the heat turned it sour.
4. (figurative) (to upset) 
a. to sour (figurative) 
Un malentendido agrió la relación entre los dos vecinos.A misunderstanding soured the relationship between the two neighbors.
transitive verb
1. (vino, leche) 
a. to (turn) sour 
2. (carácter) 
a. to sour, to embitter 
pronominal verb
3. (vino, leche) 
a. to turn sour 
4. (carácter) 
a. to become embittered 
transitive verb
1 (avinagrar) to turn sour
2 (amargar) to sour; (fastidiar) to vex; annoy
pronominal verb
1 (avinagrarse) to turn sour
2 (amargarse) to become embittered; (fastidiarse) to get cross; get exasperated
se le ha agriado el carácter he's turned into a right creep (familiar)
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