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agregado, -a
1. added on (añadido)
masculine or feminine noun
2. assistant teacher (education)
3. attaché (de embajada)
  • agregado, -a cultural cultural attaché
masculine noun
4. aggregate (conjunto); addition (añadido)
5. aggregate (economics)
agregadoa agregada
1 (profesor) assistant
2 (Política)
agregado/a comercial commercial attaché
agregado/a cultural cultural attaché
agregado/a de prensa press attaché
agregado/a militar military attaché
3 (Latinoamérica) (aparcero) sharecropper; (S. Cone) (inquilino) paying guest; (Caribe) (jornalero) day labourer; day laborer; (EEUU)
1 (Técnica) aggregate
2 (bloque) concrete block
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