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agradezco is the present form of agradecer in the first person singular - View Conjugation


transitive verb
1. (sujeto persona)
  • agradecer algo a alguien to thank somebody for something; (dar las gracias) to be grateful to somebody for something (estar agradecido)
  • quisiera agradecerles su presencia aquí I would like to thank you for coming o being here
  • te lo agradezco mucho I'm very grateful to you
  • le agradezco su interés thank you for your interest
2. (sujeto: cosa)
  • esa pared agradecería una mano de pintura that wall could do with a lick of paint
transitive verb
(dar las gracias a) to thank; (sentirse agradecido) to be grateful for
(te) agradezco tu ayuda thanks for your help; se lo agradezco thank you; I am much obliged to you (formal); un favor que él no agradecería nunca lo bastante a favour o favor he can never thank you enough for; (EEUU) le agradecería me enviara I would be grateful if you would send me; eso no lo tiene que agradecer a nadie he has nobody to thank for that; he owes nobody thanks for that
pronominal verb
¡se agradece! much obliged!; thanks very much!; una copita de jerez siempre se agradece a glass of sherry is always welcome
Verb Conjugations for agradecer
Gerund: agradeciendo
Participle: agradecido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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