agradezco is the present form of agradecer in the first person singular - View Conjugation


transitive verb
1. (to show gratitude) 
a. to thank 
Solo quería agradecerte por todo lo que has hecho por nosotros.I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for us.
2. (to feel gratitude) 
a. to be grateful 
Agradecemos que nos hayan dado esta tremenda oportunidad.We're grateful to be given this tremendous opportunity.
pronominal verb
3. (to be pleasant) 
a. to be welcome 
El sol siempre se agradece tras muchos días de lluvia.The sun is always welcome after many days of rain.
transitive verb
1. (sujeto persona) 
agradecer algo a alguiento thank somebody for something
quisiera agradecerles su presencia aquíI would like to thank you for coming o being here
te lo agradezco muchoI'm very grateful to you
le agradezco su interésthank you for your interest
2. (sujeto: cosa) 
esa pared agradecería una mano de pinturathat wall could do with a lick of paint
transitive verb
(dar las gracias a) to thank; (sentirse agradecido) to be grateful for
(te) agradezco tu ayuda thanks for your help; se lo agradezco thank you; I am much obliged to you (formal); un favor que él no agradecería nunca lo bastante a favour o favor he can never thank you enough for; (EEUU) le agradecería me enviara I would be grateful if you would send me; eso no lo tiene que agradecer a nadie he has nobody to thank for that; he owes nobody thanks for that
pronominal verb
¡se agradece! much obliged!; thanks very much!; una copita de jerez siempre se agradece a glass of sherry is always welcome
Verb Conjugations for agradecer
Gerund: agradeciendo
Participle: agradecido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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