1. (years lived) 
a. la edad (F) 
Please, state your age on the application.Por favor, indica tu edad en la solicitud.
2. (period of time) 
a. la edad (F) 
We studied many ancient writings from the Bronze Age in my anthropology class.Estudiamos mucha literatura de la Edad de Bronce en mi clase de antropología.
b. la era (F) 
After his coronation, we were living in the age of the new king.Después de su coronación, vivíamos en la era del nuevo rey.
c. la época (F) 
The golden age of Mexican cinema was from 1936 to 1959.La época de oro del cine mexicano fue desde 1936 hasta 1959.
3. (old age) 
a. la edad (F) 
I don't know if I left the keys in the car due to age or stress.No sé si dejé las llaves en el carro por la edad o por el estrés.
b. la vejez (F) 
My knees hurt. I guess it's just age.Me duelen las rodillas. Supongo que solo es la vejez.
4. (adulthood; preceded by "of") 
A girl comes of age at different ages in different cultures.Una niña alcanza la mayoría de edad a diferentes edades en diversas culturas.
You're not of age yet. You can't go to the bar.No eres mayor de edad. No puedes ir al bar.
transitive verb
5. (to make older) 
a. envejecer 
It seems that the office of the presidency ages everyone who holds the position.Parece que el cargo de la presidencia envejece a todo el que ocupe el puesto.
6. (culinary) 
a. añejar 
You have to age Romano cheese for at least nine months.Hay que añejar el queso romano por lo menos nueve meses.
b. criar 
We age all of the wine in this section of the winery for five years.Criamos todo el vino en esta sección de la bodega por cinco años.
intransitive verb
7. (to make older) 
a. envejecer 
When you lose a loved one, it makes you age.Cuando pierdes a un ser querido, te hace envejecer.
8. (culinary) 
a. madurar 
In order for this wine to reach its peak, it needs to age more. Para que este vino alcance su punto máximo, necesita madurar más.
1. (of person) 
a. la edad (F) 
to be twenty years of agetener veinte años
what age is she?, what's her age?¿qué edad tiene?, ¿cuántos años tiene?
he doesn't look his ageno aparenta la edad que tiene
at age twentya los veinte años
people of all agesgente de todas las edades
the fifteen-to-twenty age bracket or groupla franja de edad comprendida entre los quince y los veinte años
age of consentedad núbil
age limitlímite de edad
(old) agevejez f
2. (adulthood) 
to come of agealcanzar la mayoría de edad
to be under ageser menor
3. (era) 
a. la época f, edad (F) 
through the agesa lo largo del tiempo
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (long time) 
it's ages since I saw himhace siglos que no lo veo
I've been waiting (for) agesllevo esperando una eternidad
age [eɪdʒ]
1 [of person, animal, building] edad (f)
what age is she? ¿qué edad tiene?; ¿cuántos años tiene?; when I was your age cuando tenía tu edad; I have a daughter your age or the same age as you tengo una hija de tu edad or de tu misma edad; he's twice your age te dobla en edad; he's half your age lo doblas en edad
they range in age from 35 to 55 /by the age of 6/ he could play all Beethoven's sonatas everything in the room looks in keeping with the age of the building I'm looking for someone between the ages of 20 and 30 why don't you pick on someone your own age?
act your age! ¡compórtate de acuerdo con tu edad!; ¡no seas niño!
people of all ages gente de todas las edades
at my age a mi edad
I admired him for being so confident at his age
at the age of 11 a los 11 años; a la edad de 11 años
at age 11
age of [discretion] he's reached the age of discretion, if only in some respects
from an early age desde muy pequeño
children help in the fields from an early age
to feel one's age sentirse viejo
I'm really beginning to feel my age seeing all these bright young things cavorting around makes you feel your age
she looks/doesn't look her age aparenta/no aparenta la edad que tiene
suddenly the old man was looking his age and Mark Ryle felt sorry for him
60 is no age at all 60 años no son nada
he is five years of age tiene cinco años (de edad)
they are both of an age los dos tienen la misma edad; to be of an age to do sth tener edad suficiente para hacer algo
2 (adulthood)
to be of age ser mayor de edad
she is of age now - she can do as she pleases
to come of age llegar a or alcanzar la mayoría de edad
the company was now officially owned by Eddie, but held in trust until he came of age suddenly, computing had come of age and large blue boxes with whirling magnetic-tape drives in high-security rooms became status symbols recycling is an issue that has come of age in Britain in the last decade the new boy wonder of British athletics came of age last night in the full glare of the Olympic flame to be [over] age although he was over-age, he should be allowed to gain admission to high school I'm afraid we have had to reject your application because you are over age
to be under age ser menor de edad
we can't serve you drinks - you're under age because she was under age, her parents were still responsible for her
3 (old age)
age is beginning to tell on him los años empiezan a pesar sobre él
wine improves with age el vino mejora con el paso del tiempo
/the worst sign of age/ was in the fabric, which looked decidedly ancient the infirmities of age he has grown wiser with age
4 (era) era (f)
this is the age of the car esta es la era del automóvil; the age we live in los tiempos que vivimos; los tiempos que corren; in the age of steam en la era de las locomotoras de vapor
bronze, dark, golden, ice, iron, middle, new, space
5 (long time)
we waited an age or for ages esperamos una eternidad; it's ages or an age since I saw him hace siglos or un siglo que no lo veo; you took ages has tardado una eternidad or un siglo
he waited what seemed an age the bus took absolutely ages to arrive
transitive verb
[+person] envejecer; [+wine] envejecer; criar; añejar
the experience had aged her terribly esa experiencia la había envejecido tremendamente
that hairstyle ages you he was only in his mid-thirties, but already worry had aged him a fine Shiraz aged in oak casks
intransitive verb
[+person] envejecer; [+wine] madurar; añejarse
he has aged a lot ha envejecido mucho; she seems to have aged ten years in the last month parece haber envejecido diez años en el último mes
she had aged beyond her years he had always looked so young, but he seemed to have aged in the last few months the colour ranges from deep gold to dark brown as it ages
to age well [+wine] mejorar con los años
she has aged well se conserva bien para la edad que tiene; le sientan bien los años
age bracket (n) grupo (m) de edad; grupo (m) etario (formal)
those in the 40-55 age bracket will have less need to work than ever before the Colonel is seventy-five if he's a day. His local enemies, if he has any, are likely to be in the same age-bracket In that particular age bracket, they value their television, or TV time, more than money
age difference (n) diferencia (f) de edad
we don't find the age difference (between us) matters in our relationship they laughed off jokes about their 20-year age difference
age discrimination (n) discriminación (f) por razón de edad
a bill outlawing age discrimination the woman claimed she was a victim of age discrimination when she was denied a job in her bid to retain the title, the age factor cannot be ignored the age factor plays an important part in recruitment of new staff
age group (n) grupo (m) de edad; grupo (m) etario (formal)
the 40 to 50 age group el grupo que comprende los de 40 a 50 años; el grupo de edad de 40 a 50; children of the same age group niños de la misma edad
a style that would appeal to all age groups
age limit (n) límite (m) de edad; edad (f) mínima/máxima
there is no upper age limit no hay un límite máximo de edad
I think there is an age limit for joining the police you must have been within the age limit when war broke out children as young as 13 are having tattoos, despite the legal age limit of 18 and over
age range (n) escala (f) de edad
children in the age range from 12 to 14 niños que van de los 12 a los 14 años
the 18 to 35 age range the brand appeals to a broad age range the black population has overall a younger age structure than the white population could not the changing age structure of the population actually add to demand for financial services?
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