afirmabais you asserted
The word afirmabais is the imperfect form of afirmar in the second person plural. See the full afirmar conjugation.


transitive verb
1. (to proclaim) 
a. to assert 
El presidente afirmó con seguridad que en su país no existe la corrupción.The president asserted confidently that there is no corruption in his country.
El médico afirmó que cuando el paciente llegó al hospital, ya no había nada que pudieran hacer.The doctor declared that when the patient made it to the hospital, there wasn't anything they could do.
c. to state 
El sospechoso ha afirmado que estaba trabajando a la hora que se cometió el crimen.The suspect has stated that he was working at the time the crime was committed.
intransitive verb
2. (with your head) 
a. to nod 
Le pregunté a mi papá si podía tomar el coche, y me lo afirmó con la cabeza.I asked my dad if I could use the car and he nodded his head.
pronominal verb
3. (to maintain balance) 
Me sentí mareado, así que me apoyé con la mano en la pared para afirmarme.I felt dizzy, so I put a hand on the wall to steady myself.
4. (to maintain) 
A pesar de la polémica, la periodista se afirmó en lo que había escrito.Despite the controversy, the journalist stood by what she had written.
transitive verb
1. (decir) 
a. to say, to declare 
afirmó que…he stated that…
afirmó haber hablado con ellahe said o stated that he had talked to her
2. (reforzar) 
a. to reinforce 
intransitive verb
3. (asentir) 
a. to agree, to consent 
afirmar con la cabezato nod (in agreement)
pronominal verb
4. (asegurarse) 
a. no direct translation 
afirmarse en los estribosto steady oneself in the stirrups
5. (ratificarse) 
a. no direct translation 
afirmarse en algoto reaffirm something
transitive verb
1 (reforzar) to make secure; strengthen
2 (declarar) to assert; state; [+lealtad] to declare; protest
afirmar que to affirm that; afirmar bajo juramento to swear under oath
3 (Latinoamérica) [+golpe] to deal; give
pronominal verb
1 (recobrar el equilibrio) to steady o.s.
afirmarse en los estribos (sujetarse) to settle one's feet firmly in the stirrups; (S. Cone) (aguantarse) to grit one's teeth
afirmarse en lo dicho to stand by what one has said
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