intransitive verb
1. (to move forward) 
a. avanzar 
He took his foot off the brake and the car began to advance. Soltó el pie del freno y el coche empezó a avanzar.
b. adelantar 
With a toot, the train began to advance. Con un pitido, el tren comenzó a avanzar.
c. progresar 
Our sustainability project is advancing. Nuestro proyecto de sustentabilidad está progresando.
2. (to receive a promotion) 
a. ascender 
After only three months, he advanced to number one on the sales team. Después de sólo tres meses, ascendió al número uno en el equipo de ventas.
b. subir 
She advanced to the governor's office when the governor resigned. Subió al puesto de gobernador cuando renunció el gobernador.
transitive verb
3. (to move forward) 
a. avanzar 
It's your turn; advance your piece.Es tu turno; avanza tu pieza.
b. adelantar 
I'm going to advance the clocks now. Ya voy a adelantar los relojes.
4. (to loan) 
a. anticipar 
Hey boss, can you advance me $50?Oye jefe, ¿me puedes anticipar $50?
b. adelantar 
I'll advance you half of your paycheck, but you will have to work extra hours. Te adelantaré la mitad de tu cheque, pero tendrás que trabajar horas extras.
5. (to advocate) 
a. promover 
The townspeople held a meeting to advance their public schools. La gente del pueblo tuvo una reunión para promover sus escuelas públicas.
b. fomentar 
The president is seeking to advance the good health of all citizens through new initiatives. El presidente busca fomentar la buena salud de todos los ciudadanos mediante iniciativas nuevas.
c. potenciar 
The new cable technology will advance the speed of the Internet. La nueva tecnología de cables potenciará la velocidad de la red.
6. (to put forward) 
a. presentar 
I'd like to advance my name as a candidate for the position.Quisiera presentar mi nombre como candidato para la posición.
7. (forward movement) 
a. el avance (M) 
He began to feel seasick with the advance of the ship. Empezó a sentirse mareado con el avance del buque.
8. (progress) 
The regeneration of the spine would represent a tremendous advance in medical science. La regeneración de la espina dorsal representaría un progreso tremendo en las ciencias médicas.
9. (loan) 
Esteban's mother gave him an advance on his allowance.La mamá de Esteban le dio un adelanto de su domingo.
You need to put down an advance of 10% in order to qualify for the loan. Hay que pagar un anticipo del 10% para poder calificar para el préstamo.
10. (ahead) 
The president would like an advance copy of the report.El president quiere una copia adelantada del reporte.
plural noun
11. (sexual advances) 
He was fired for making unwanted advances to women at work. Fue despedido por hacer insinuaciones indeseadas a las mujeres en el trabajo.
1. (forward movement) 
a. el avance (M) 
2. (progress) 
a. el avance m, progreso (M) 
to make advances to somebodyinsinuarse a alguien
in advancepor adelantado
six weeks in advancecon seis semanas de antelación
advance bookingreserva (anticipada)
advance noticeaviso previo
advance warningadvertencia previa
3. (loan) 
a. el anticipo m, adelanto (M) 
transitive verb
4. (move forward; chesspiece, troops) 
a. avanzar, adelantar 
5. (science, knowledge) 
a. hacer avanzar, adelantar 
6. (idea, opinion) 
a. presentar 
7. (loan) 
a. anticipar, adelantar 
intransitive verb
8. (move forward, make progress) 
a. avanzar 
the troops advanced on the citylas tropas avanzaron hacia la ciudad
advance [ədˈvɑːns]
1 (forward movement) avance (m)
the rapid advance of the Russian army el rápido avance de las tropas rusas
Serbian forces have made significant advances into Bosnia in an exercise designed to be as real as possible, they simulated an advance on enemy positions the defences are intended to obstruct any advance by tanks and other vehicles
2 (progress) (in science, technology) avance (m); adelanto (m); [of disease] avance (m)
an important scientific advance un importante avance or adelanto científico; the rapid advance of modern industrial society el vertiginoso desarrollo de la sociedad industrial moderna
we have made enormous advances in medicine since then air safety has not improved since the dramatic advances of the 1970s it is being promoted as a major advance in the treatment of infertility in this chapter we draw on recent advances in the study of cognition and language it has slowed the advance of the disease
with the advance of old age según se va/iba envejeciendo
this could be an advance [on] the present situation
3 [of money] (initial payment) anticipo (m); adelanto (m)
she was paid a £530,000 advance for her next novel le dieron un anticipo or adelanto de 530.000 libras por su próxima novela
there will be an advance [against] royalties on exchange of contracts
(on salary)
could you give me an advance? ¿me podría dar un anticipo?
she got an advance on her salary consiguió que le anticiparan parte del sueldo
(loan) préstamo (m)
he made me an advance to enable me to start the business a funeral director can help with buying a burial plot and may even make a cash advance
4 (rise) (in prices) alza (f); aumento (m)
the advance in stock prices was triggered by a sharp decline in interest rates
any advance on £15? (in auction) ¿alguien ofrece más de 15 libras?; 15 libras ¿alguien da más?
5 advances (amorous) insinuaciones (f); (Pol) intentos (m) de acercamiento
to make advances to or toward(s) sb (amorous) insinuarse a algn; hacer insinuaciones a algn
he finds it difficult to make advances to strangers
she accused him of making unwanted sexual advances lo acusó de insinuaciones sexuales indebidas
she rejected his advances no hizo caso de sus insinuaciones
she rejected his advances during the trip to Cannes Mark had for some time been making advances towards her It was Eva who made the advances. She came to my room that very night his recent advances to the President are unlikely to be successful which first made advances to Wellcome chairman John Robb last year, is said to be considering a rival offer in the region of £ 9.6 billion
in advance: to let sb know a week in advance avisar a algn con ocho días de antelación
to book in advance reservar con antelación
the dish may be made in advance el plato puede prepararse con anterioridad
in advance of
to arrive in advance of sb llegar antes que algn; to be in advance of one's time adelantarse a su época; estar por delante de su época
I had asked everyone to submit questions in advance of the meeting
to pay in advance pagar por adelantado
the dish may be made in advance and reheated
to send sb on in advance mandar a algn por delante
thanking you in advance agradeciéndole de antemano
transitive verb
1 (move forward) [+time, date, clock] adelantar; (Mil) [+troops] avanzar
it advances the ageing process acelera el envejecimiento
the country's election commission has advanced the date of parliamentary elections by three days The USSR advances clocks by one hour year-round German troops had advanced eight hundred miles into Soviet territory
2 (further) [+plan, knowledge] potenciar
this will hopefully advance our understanding of child abuse
[+interests] promover; fomentar
they are concerned only with advancing their own interests I will do all I can to advance the interests of my constituents when not producing art of his own, Oliver was busy advancing the work of others
[+career] promocionar
relocating herself to Oxfordshire was a means of advancing her career
[+cause, claim] promover
his main aim was to advance the cause of peace I wanted a civil rights bill that advances the cause of equal opportunity he is not willing to advance his claim by taking on the current champion
[+person] (in career) ascender;to a;
he has done much to advance our understanding of music ha contribuido mucho a potenciar nuestros conocimientos musicales
3 (put forward) [+idea, opinion, theory] proponer; sugerir; [+suggestion] hacer; [+proposal] presentar; [+opinion] expresar
he advanced the theory that ... propuso or sugirió la teoría de que ...
even they did not advance the idea that scientific and technical authority is socially constructed as early as the 5th Century BC, Greeks advanced the theory of atomic structure he advances the theory that working-class people are shaped by their environment he advanced the idea that rebirth does not solve the problem of the inequality of human birth and circumstances many theories have been advanced as to why this happens an important set of ideas have been advanced by the biologist Rupert Sheldrake he advanced the idea of complete elimination of strategic offensive weapons Every time we found a new article on autism it advanced a different theory from the one before neither side has advanced an argument that might fairly be called conclusive We don't advance our theory as a great scientific discovery they advanced a radical proposal for reduction in nuclear arsenals she had advanced the suggestion herself - she was not prompted by anyone he advanced the fatuous opinion that mental anguish was worse than physical he could not forbear advancing his own opinions he advanced the opinion that Washington was proving himself unfit to command a Sergeant's Guard
4 (hand over) [+money] (as initial fee) adelantar; anticipar; (as early wages) adelantar
I hoped he'd be able to advance me half my wages
(as loan) prestar
he advanced me £50 I advanced him some money, which he would repay on our way home the bank advanced $1.2 billion to help Mexico with debt repayments you will have to advance 10 per cent of the purchase price
intransitive verb
1 (move forward) avanzar
the advancing enemy army el ejército enemigo que avanza
the lava is advancing at a rate of 1 km a day a man threw himself before an advancing tank the general gave the order to advance as we advanced through the flat countryside, Alex told of his first trip across the continent
she advanced across the room avanzó hacia el otro lado de la habitación
to advance on sth/sb (gen) acercarse a algo/algn; avanzar hacia algo/algn
as he advanced on the burning vehicle something struck him in the back she pulls a sabre and advances on the little boy there was a huge thundercloud advancing upon us
to advance on sth (Mil) avanzar sobre algo
the Germans were advancing on Paris reports from Chad suggest that /rebel forces are advancing on the capital/
2 (progress) [+science, technology] progresar; adelantarse; [+work, society] avanzar; [+career] progresar; [+person, pupil] hacer progresos; progresar; (in rank) ascender;to a;
her film career was advancing nicely su carrera cinematográfica progresaba bien or iba por muy buen camino
despite his advancing years he was a good player a pesar de su edad (avanzada) era un buen jugador
with advancing years one forgets con el paso de los años uno se olvida
he failed to remember this because with his advancing years, he forgets everything with advancing years the eyes detect progressively less of the violet end of the spectrum the work is advancing quickly now that medical technology has advanced to its present state, more people are aware of how long one can be kept alive Japan has advanced from a rural, feudal society to an urban, industrial power he is advancing in leaps and bounds in his French he advanced rapidly in his job
3 (Economics) (rise) [+price] subir
stock prices have advanced sharply since the end of the quarter consumer prices have advanced at a 3.3 percent annual rate
advance booking (n) reserva (f) anticipada; reserva (f) por anticipado
advance booking advisable se recomienda que reserven por adelantado
advance booking office (n) (Britain) taquilla (f) (de reservas or venta anticipada)
advance copy (n) [of book] ejemplar (m) de muestra
those who have seen advance copies describe it as little short of brilliant
[of speech] copia (f) (del discurso)
some on the committee had seen advance copies of the testimony
advance guard (n) (reconnaissance group) avanzada (f); (lookouts) avanzadilla (f); (mobile unit) brigada (f) móvil
So far the United Nations has sent an advance party to Cambodia of little more than 200 troops the advance party for a winter assault on Mt Everest there was an advance guard of these Boer Trekkers who went to negotiate with King Dingan of the Zulus a UNHCR convoy acting as an advance guard to check for mines and ambushes
advance man (n) (US) (Pol) responsable de una campaña política
Three friends from the Navy Department campaigned with him. Franklin's advance man was Stephen T. Early the vice president is fulfilling his role as the advance man to the Republican campaign
advance notice (n) aviso (m) previo
meals can be provided with advance notice con aviso previo, se preparan comidas
personnel are willing to help if they are given advance notice they don't normally give any advance notice about which building they're going to inspect
advance party (n) (reconnaissance group) avanzada (f); (lookouts) avanzadilla (f)
advance payment (n) anticipo (m)
on 11 January 1935 Pasternak drew an advance payment from Litfond for his prose work ships sent on ahead were used as an advance post for making lightning attacks on the now regular Russian convoys Scapa was an advance post for the Home Fleet to apprehend German warships
advance publicity (n) promoción (f) (antes del estreno, lanzamiento etc)
the event received little advance publicity the success of movies is not dependent on how much advance publicity they get
advance warning (n) aviso (m) previo
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in advance
de antemano
thank you in advance
agradecer de antemano
thanks in advance
gracias de antemano
technological advance
el avance tecnológico
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