Aduana in English | Spanish to English Translation
feminine noun
1. (border office)
a. customs
Revisaron mi equipaje en la aduana.My luggage was checked at customs.
2. (tax)
a. duty
Si traes esa cantidad de efectivo tienes que pagar aduana en la frontera.If you're carrying that amount of cash, you need to pay duty at the border.
feminine noun
1. customs
  • derechos de aduana customs duty
  • pasar por la aduana to go through customs
1 (institución) customs; (oficina) customs house; (impuesto) customs duty
derecho de aduana customs duty; libre de aduana duty-free; pasar por la aduana to go through customs
2 (escondite) pad (muy_familiar); hide-out; (refugio) safe house; (México) (burdel) brothel
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