masculine noun
1. dressing (aliño) (de ensalada); seasoning (de comida)
2. adornment (adorno)

aderezo [ah-day-ray’-tho]
1. Dressing and adorning; finery. (m)
2. Gum, starch, and other ingredients, used to stiffen cloth with. (m)
  • Aderezo de mesa -> a service for the table; applied to oil vinegar, and salt
  • Aderezo de comida -> condiment
  • Aderezo de diamantes -> a set of diamonds
  • Aderezo de caballo -> trappings or caparisons of a saddle-horse
  • Aderezo de casa -> furniture
  • Aderezo de espada -> hilt, hook, and other appendages of a sword

1 (preparación) preparation; (adorno) decoration
dar el aderezo definitivo a algo to put the finishing touch to sth
aderezo de casa household equipment
aderezo de mesa dinner service
2 (Culin) (aliño) seasoning; dressing; (Cos) adornment; (reparación) repair;
3 (joyas) set of jewels
aderezo de diamantes set of diamonds

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